I rented this house before I knew of its darkly ominous history. They say that the ghosts of those who died here still haunt this spooky place. They were all victims of the houseís original owner, a monster who murdered a dozen women before they tracked him down. That night, when he realized they had him cornered, and escape was impossible, he came to this attic room and hung himself using the same noose heíd used to end his victimís lives. The same noose that still hangs from this roomís ceiling tonight. The house also has a history of attracting beautiful young women, all of whom disappeared under mysterious, unexplained circumstances within weeks of moving in.

Iíve been living here for almost two weeks, and every night at midnight, I find myself drawn to this creepy attic room. Every night, I experience the same overpowering compulsion to step onto the chair, tighten that noose snugly around my neck, and, using the handcuffs, lock my wrists behind my back. Iíve tried to resist, but itís impossible. Every night, I find myself powerless to prevent this horrifying nightmare.

Then, standing cruelly poised between life and death, I wait. At sunrise, on the last twelve nights, the handcuffs mysteriously vanished from my wrists, freeing me. I assume the ghost of one of that monsterís victims released me. On the other hand, the night that monsterís evil spirit finds me first, I know heíll pull the chair from under my feet and enjoy watching me slowly strangling to death for his amusement.

Still, I have to admit I get a perverse thrill every time I step onto that chair, knowing my luck will eventually run out, and Iíll die at the end of that noose, becoming the latest of that unspeakable monsterís victims...