When Scott called earlier and asked if I’d like to come over and hang in his newly finished man cave, I’d assumed he was asking me over for a night of multi-orgasmic kinky bondage sex, especially when I considered the revealing fetish outfit he asked me to wear. And, when I arrived at his place, the first thing, he did after taking my coat was to tie my wrists behind my back before leading my downstairs only helped to further inflame my masochistic desires.

Silly me, what was I thinking. I was already painfully aware of Scott’s cruelly sadistic personality, Hell. It's the main reason I’m attracted to him, the fact that he’s more than willing to inflict all the agonizing torment my little pain-slut ego craved. What I didn’t realize until it was far too late, the lengths, he was willing to go to satisfy his diabolically sadistic fantasies. With everything I knew about him, I should have expected that Scott’s idea of a man cave would actually turn out to be a well-equipped basement torture chamber. The sight of those horrifying breast hooks prominently hanging from a ceiling-mounted electric hoist confirming that when he’d asked, “if I’d like to come over and hang in his newly finished man cave...” he’d meant it quite literally.

Conceived of in the dark early days of Nazi occupied France, countless suspected female English spies and resistance fighters met their deaths hanging from these brutal hooks. Then, as the war on the Eastern Front intensified thousands of female Russian officers and especially hundreds of captured female snipers died upon these hooks.

Elegant in their diabolical cruelty, each of the two breast hooks consists of two separate razor-sharp hooks attached to a common overhead ring. Inserted into the sides of a woman’s breast the curved shape of these hooks causes them to sink deeper into a woman’s breast as the weight hanging from the hook's increases. A common Nazi interrogation technique was to raise the hooks until a woman was standing high on her toes, often enhanced with whippings and electroshock to gain confessions. Those unwilling to confess quickly found themselves hanging by their hook impaled breasts, subjected to red hot irons and various other more brutally intrusive tortures.

I could feel my heartbeat racing as Scott used the hoist control to lower the hooks down to breast height, “Listen Scott, we both know this is going to exceed any possible masochistic limits I might still possess so you should gag me, I’d just hate for my screams to be overheard by your neighbors before you finish me.”

Pausing as he aligned that first hook around the sides of my right breast, Scott smiled darkly, “Don’t worry yourself Gina, there’s really no need to gag you. Like my bedroom upstairs, the soundproofing in my new man cave is absolutely perfect. I plan to spend the night slowly torturing you to death and since this is destined to be our last night together, how could I ever deny myself the sound of your desperate dying screams?”

Smiling seductively, Gina leaned forward to give Scott a deep passionate kiss. Some men say the sweetest things...