He knew, from the soft glow of candlelight, escaping from beneath the already unlatched door, that he wasn’t alone. Standing in the warehouse’s darkened hallway, he quietly drew his pistol and paused to screw on its silencer before slowly pushing the unlocked door open. Entering his workshop the last thing he expected to see was a beautiful woman, wearing nothing but stockings, high heels and a devastatingly seductive smile, casually leaning back against one of the storeroom’s crates.

“Good evening Ghost, if I might be bold enough to call you that. And please, I’m alone so there’s really no need for that gun. Personally, I thought we might spend a little time together, relaxing over a few glasses of excellent wine before our evening finally reaches its inevitable and unspeakably gory conclusion.”

Relaxing noticeably as I holstered my pistol, Ashley gestured toward the walls badly rusted iron bracket, “By the way, did you know the city engineers added those iron reinforcing wall straps to all the surviving waterfront warehouses shortly after the earthquake of 1906? And, did you know, this warehouse is actually one of the few remaining examples of those late nineteenth-century waterfront buildings still standing?”

Smiling at the sudden look of surprise in her diabolical host’s eyes, Ashley continued, “I know it’s just an item of architectural trivia but when I noticed that iron reinforcing strap in the background of your last few snuff films it did make tracking you down fairly easy. Yours was the only lease signed for storage space in any of these old buildings in years.”

I could clearly see that familiar look of darkly masochistic anticipation in Ashley’s eyes as she handed me that glass of what turned out to be a truly magnificent vintage, “So Ghost, I know many of your victims are actually groupies eager to die by your hand, but when was the last time a beautiful woman smiled seductively and asked, ‘Gut Me’?”

Early the next morning, as I dumped the last of Ashley’s remains into the acid, I thought about her last request and ironically, as it turns out in my line of work, ‘Gut Me’ is actually a fairly common final request. Still, the video of Ashley’s gruesome death should be up on the website this afternoon. That is as soon as I finish washing the blood off the latest additions to me considerable collection, Ashley’s profoundly magnificent double-D breast implants...