When John came home, there was a note waiting for him.

John, tonight I’m going to fulfill one of your darkest desires. You’ll find me waiting in the storage room. Love, Melinda.

I could see the shock in John’s eyes when he found me standing on that stool with my wrists secured behind my back and that deadly hangman’s noose snug around my neck.

“Good evening, John. The other day, when I was cleaning the office, I found your journal. Such delightfully obscene stories of torturous death. I particularly enjoyed the one entitled ‘The Short Drop to Oblivian.’ You couldn’t have known, but I’ve had a secret infatuation with death on the gallows since I was a teenager. Of course, as you can see, mine is from a slightly different perspective than yours.”

Pausing, I enjoyed the look of shock in John’s eyes, gradually changing to something far darker, evil anticipation.

“Since I knew that death by hanging is rather messy, I’ve taken precautions. Under this revealing outfit, there’s a rather large butt plug filling my ass and a considerably smaller urethra plug blocking my bladder.”

“Also, to heighten the erotic masochistic intensity of my painful execution, you’ll find a ballgag and a small remote in that bag on the table. So when you’re ready, I’d like you to gag me, then use that remote to activate the powerful vibrator that’s already filling the straining depths of my sex. So if you would be kind enough to wait until I’ve had a few orgasms before kicking the stool out from under me, I’d appreciate it.”

“So lover, you know we both want this, so go ahead and do it. After all, I’m more than willing to die fulfilling both our fantasies.”

In the end, John waited until Melinda reached her third orgasm before kicking that stool from beneath her feet. As the noose slowly tightened around her neck, he watched with growing amusement as Melinda desperately struggled against the inevitable, her sexy body still convulsing with multiple orgasms even as she finally strangled to death twenty-seven agonizing minutes later...