Jill had heard the ancient legends that spoke of a monstrous creature, one with an insatiable sexual appetite, roaming these woods at night preying upon beautiful unwary women. Now, hiking alone, through the darkest depths of the forest, she wondered if the legends were true.

“The legends say that when sexually aroused, this creature emits powerful pheromones making him utterly irresistible to any woman who falls under his spell. Gifted with inhuman sexual stamina, an unquenchable sex drive, and endowed with a massive, intimidating cock, he brutally ravages his victim’s body forcing her to endure continuous, back-to-back orgasms until the creature sates its evil lust.”

“They also say that sex with this vile creature always ends up being agonizingly fatal, the woman having her insides torn apart as the monster reaches orgasm.”

“Of his victims, while search parties often find pieces of their tattered clothing, no bodies have ever been recovered. The legends say that once the creature finishes ravaging the woman’s lifeless body, he consumes her flesh and bones, leaving nothing of her behind.”

“Incredibly violent multi-orgasmic sex, an agonizing death, necrophilia, and vore. Seriously, why do you think I’ve been hiking alone through these woods? This monstrous creature is every masochistic pain slut’s ultimate fantasy...”