Wed been living together for almost a year when Ginger surprised me by showing up at my hidden abattoir. Boldly walking in, she removed her coat, revealing her figure-hugging leather body harness, matching collar, and high heels.

A few weeks ago, I inadvertently discovered all the video files on your laptop. I have to admit. It came as a terrifying shock to find out the man I love produces actual snuff films. Ive seen all the gruesome, unspeakable things that have occurred within this blood-soaked chamber. All the women that youve so brutally butchered.

Standing there, so provincially attired, Ginger placed her hands suggestively upon her hips. The empty restraint hanging suggestively from the steel cuff already secured around her left wrist, Just remember, I gave you my heart. Im forever your girl.

Pausing, Ginger glanced over at the ominous-looking Iron Maiden, Since finding them, Ive watched all of your videos multiple times. At the same time, while I found them all horrifyingly gruesome, some I also found darkly erotic.

Smiling as she brought her hands together behind her back, locking the remaining restraint around her right wrist, as she added, I think tonight is the perfect night for another Maiden moment...


It turns out Ginger was correct. It was the perfect night for another Maiden moment. Of course, she failed to realize that, while my snuff films are usually an hour-long, its due to considerable editing. In Gingers case, her slow, torturously agonizing death trapped within that claustrophobic, spike-lined Iron Maiden took significantly longer, fifty-one long and brutally painful hours longer, to be exact...