I’ll never forget how Jessa flirted with me as I tied her wrists behind her back, “So, mask boy, is that machete merely here to enhance the horrifying ambiance of the moment? Or, do you intend to use it to do me?”

Picking up that machete, I briefly paused to admire the growing look of horrified disbelief on her lovely face, then ran her through with its razor-sharp blade. Grasping Jessa’s throat to keep her from doubling over, I brutally started twisting the machete’s blade within her guts as that familiar and unmistakable look of overwhelming pain filled her dark brown eyes.

I continued to twist that machete within Jessa’s belly as I patiently waited for that first trickle of blood to escape past her ruby-red lips. When it appeared, I viciously pulled that blade downward through her abdomen, disemboweling her in a delightfully obscene explosion of blood and gore.

“Thank you,” was the last thing Jessa managed to whisper as she slowly sank onto her knees before losing consciousness and collapsing onto her side as she finished bleeding out.

Later that night, as I dumped the last of Jessa’s dismembered corpse into the acid, I suddenly realized just how much that manipulative masochistic bitch had played me. Still, even though I’d played right into her fantasy, my large and loyal audience would hopefully never know the truth...