In the end it was Alexa that made the fateful decision, a faint smile on her face, “Let's just do it”, so we did.

Known for her perilous fascination with erotic asphyxiation Alexa became infamous for her dangerous willingness to endure strangulation, the garrote and even the noose until she actually lost consciousness. And tonight’s live webcast was going to be Alexa’s final performance, her retirement from her long and highly popular torture porn actress career. Tonight, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday Alexa wanted to give her audience the greatest erotic asphyxiation performance of her career.

The announcement that this would be Alexa’s final appearance had drawn one of the site’s largest audiences with well over 10 million viewers already logged in before the start of webcast.

Alexa felt a delightful sense of eager erotic anticipation mix with just a hint of fear as she watched the clock counting down the final seconds before the start of her final webcast, her wrists and ankles locked securely within heavy iron manacles, the hangman’s noose already around her neck.

By the end of the show’s credits and disclaimers there were just over 11 million people watching as the black background of the credits transitioned to the image of Alexa standing with that deadly noose already around her neck and that distinctive look of eager anticipation in her eyes as the executioner, his identity concealed by his black leather hood, stepped into the scene. The sudden look of fear in Alexa’s eyes as the executioner adjusted the noose, pulling downward on the hangman’s knot until the noose was uncomfortably tight around Alexa’s slender neck.

Alexa’s eyes never left the camera even as the executioner walked to the wall behind her and activated the electric winch. Slowly the rope retracted upward, gradually removing the slack until the rope drew taut as the noose slowly forced Alexa up onto her toes, the tall stiletto heels of Alexa’s shoes rising from the chamber’s concrete floor. Then, just as the audience eagerly anticipated the toes of Alexa’s high heels leaving the floor, the executioner released the switch causing the winch to pause. Moments later, as the audience watched Alexa desperately struggling to push higher onto her toes to gain a few brief seconds of breath, a digital count down appeared in the corner of their screen. 26:30, 26:29, 26:28

By the time the countdown reached the final minute over 13 million viewers were watching Alexa’s terrifyingly desperate struggle as the hooded executioner stepped back into the scene and stood by the winch’s activation switch as the countdown continued. 00:59, 00:58, 00:57

Exactly at midnight the countdown reached zero as the executioner raised his hand to press the switch activating the winch, the audience watching as the desperately stretching toes of Alexa’s high heels lifted off the concrete floor.

Alexa fought for breath as she felt the noose tightening around her throat. And on the screens of her 14 million viewers the timer silently reversed. 00:00, 00:01, 00:02

Already known for her rather spirited struggles against the inevitable, Alexa’s body danced erotically as she struggled on the noose in this her final performance, a desperate and delightfully erotic struggle that would come to be known as her finest. 03:46, 03:47, 03:48

Alexa fought desperately against the inevitable but as the minutes passed she knew she was reaching the end, her lungs burned, her vision gradually becoming gray, her struggles slowly growing weaker. 15:22, 15:23, 15:24

The audience watched in awe as Alexa’s body convulsed in one final spasm and hung limply from the noose, Alexa’s lifeless eyes staring into the camera. 17:09, 17:10, 17:11

Unlike her all her previous noose performances the camera didn’t cut away after she lost consciousness but continued to display her lifeless body dangling from the noose. 17:12, 17:13, 17:14

For another twelve and a half minutes the image on everyone’s display remained the same, Alexa’s lifeless body hanging from the noose until the timer on their screens finally ended and the imaged slowly faded to black. 29:56, 29:57, 29:58, 29:59, 30:00

Then, on everyone’s screen Alexa’s eulogy, “Alexa wished to fulfill her ultimate fantasy on her thirtieth birthday, in the end she actually did.”


Over the years “Alexa, the Final Performance” has sold over 50 million copies and revived the controversy over the existence of actual snuff films. Many experts and politicians have debated the authenticity of Alexa’s Final Performance without reaching a definitive conclusion, while the continuing controversy only helps to promote the films sales. As for the films actual authenticity, let’s just say we’re the only ones who know where that particular body is buried...