The sole survivor of one of earthís earliest colonization attempts, I was captured over three hundred years ago by Andorian slave traders and sold to one of Risaís infamous pleasure towers, a place where the wealthy can partake of the pleasures of torturing beautiful slaves to death merely for their darkly sadistic amusement. After my purchase, my new masterís ordered my mind conditioned to make me utterly submissive, my body genetically enhanced to make me tougher to kill than a normal human female, while at the same time cruelly heightening my sensitivity to pain.

Today, any lingering vestiges of my former life long forgotten, even my name, I now exist merely to please my masterís wealthy clientele, brutally dying in unrelenting agony for their sadistic amusement, my only thought, to satisfy all their darkest twisted desires. Over the centuries, Iíve died countless times, each time my lifeless mutilated corpse collected by the transporter system. Within seconds, the system repairs the damage and restores my life while Iím within the transport buffer. Then I simply rematerialize, ready to please my masterís next client.

Tonight, my next clientís desires are extremely unpleasant, a humanoid reptilian Gorn starship captain who intends to use me for sex. However, even for female Gorn, sex is ultimately fatal.

A Gorn maleís cock is typically over three feet in length and about four inches in girth when aroused. Lacking any external genitalia, the female Gorn carries a large egg sack buried deep within her abdomen. Impregnation occurs when the maleís cock penetrates the female anally, driving its rock-hard shaft upward through her guts, until piercing the wall of her egg sack, he climaxes, fertilizing her eggs. After, his orgasm finally subsides, a ring of sharp claw-like protrusions, located just behind the head of his cock, expand outward, and acting like barbs, brutally rip the femaleís internal organs apart as he withdraws from within her.

In a few moments, the attendants will arrive to remove my corset and thong. Then attaching my permanent wrist restraints to the chamberís suspension chains, theyíll raise me up to the perfect height to be brutally ravaged by the Gorn captain, who when he arrives will simply take me, burying his entire cock deep within me in a single agonizing thrust before he climaxes deep inside me abdomen.

And, while the burning sensation, as several gallons of his highly corrosive seed start to dissolve my insides, is truly unpleasant. The most revolting part, is always hanging there helplessly watching the now ravenously hungry Gorn pulling handfuls of my mutilated entrails out of me and devouring them before my eyes as I slowly bleed out.

I know the Risians refer to the women owned by the pleasure towers as ďEternityís Slaves," but even for a mentally conditioned masochist like me, immortality and eternal youth can have serious downsides, especially since this Gorn captain has done this to me for the last six nights...