On a dark and stormy night a beautiful young woman descends alone into the darkened depths of the catacombs beneath the castle. She's heard the whispered rumors, darkly ominous rumors of a secret place hidden deep within these ancient catacombs, a place of lurking unspeakable evil.

Scared but unable to overcome her unquenchable curiosity she searches the catacombs until she discovers the ancient torture chamber and finds herself staring in abject horror at the fiendishly diabolical instruments of torturous death arrayed before her eyes.

Terror grips her racing heart as she tries to imagine the dying screams of all those women suffering in unrelenting agony upon these cruel instruments of torture. The thought of what it would be like to endure such an obscenely cruel and painfully lingering demise sent chilling waves of almost overwhelming horror coursing through her minds and yet, deep down, she felt another totally unexpected emotion, a dark but unmistakably terrifying sense of erotic longing.

Still struggling to come to terms with the swirl of emotions coursing through her trembling form she's suddenly startled by an unexpected sound coming from out of the darkness behind her...

I think I'm going to leave the rest of this erotic tale of peril up to your all too vivid imagination.