Not all witches try to obscure men’s minds with their beauty. Some have no need. They’re sexually enchantingly beautiful in their own right.

Meranda wasn’t surprised when over a dozen of the Vatican’s witchfinders broke into her castle’s study unannounced. “Seriously, boys, if you wanted me this badly, you could have at least knocked.”

Smiling seductively, I watched as the witchfinders fell under my spell, dropping their swords and spears. “So, I’m guessing you’ve only faced little old women falsely accused of witchcraft, never a real witch? Well, I think you’ll find witchfinder’s school is out tonight.”

Ignoring the frozen witchfinders, I walked over to the desk by the window in my study and picked up the .357 revolver and a handful of speed reloaders. Glancing back at the witchfinders, I smiled. “Yes, I know, kind of old-fashioned, but then again, you did come at me with swords and spears, so it only seems fitting.”

Opening the revolver’s cylinder and loading the first speed loader’s rounds, I smiled darkly, “Now, if you boys would follow me down into the castle’s catacombs. I’ll shoot you each in the back of the head and leave your bodies for the catacombs ravenous carrion beetles to consume.”

I paused to press the barrel of my pistol against the forehead of the senior witchfinder.

“Trust me, your deaths will be far less obscene than the one your witchfinder’s inquisition had planned for me..."