It was a cold rain swept night, high in the Bavarian Alps, a beautiful, provocatively dressed woman alone in an ancient German castle. And yet, even knowing she was truly alone with the castleís gate securely locked. Scarlet's vivid imagination still ran wild with thoughts of all that might happen.

Perhaps, somewhere in the dark, blood-soaked depths of the castleís ancient dungeons crept a horrific fiend, a creature more monster than a man, a monster who at this every moment intently watched as hot irons began to glow in the flesh searing fires of the brazier.

And yet, Scarlet was still standing alone by the warmth from the fire, a half-finished glass of wine in her hand as her darkly erotic imagination ran rampant. Deep within her loins she could feel that familiar heat of sexual arousal delightfully starting to consume her belly as the skin-tight clinging fabric of her leotard tormented her painfully throbbing nipples with every breath she took.

Sometimes, dark fantasies truly deserve to be indulged, especially if theyíre not merely fantasies, something Scarlet will soon painfully discover...

As it turns out the depths of the castle did contain blood-soaked ancient dungeons. However, on that dark and fateful night, Scarlet should have been more worried about the dungeon torture chamber high within the castleís west tower, the place where that horrific fiend actually lurked.

That dark torturous night, Scarlet helplessly endured the painful stinging caress of that fiendís whip, while being forced to sate all the monsterís darkest and most evilly perverted sexual desires, multiple times.

Eventually, after tiring of the pleasures of her flesh, the fiend condemned Scarlet to die, fated to suffer a slow lingering death of unrelenting agony trapped within the torture chamberís diabolic Iron Maiden. Brutally impaled upon the Maidenís razor-sharp spikes, Scarlet endured several long days of agonizing torture before finally bleeding to death within the Iron Maiden.

After she died, her killer, removing her from the Iron Maiden, lowered Scarletís corpse into a large tank of acid. The highly corrosive acid slowly dissolving Scarletís mutilated flesh until nothing except a pile of her acid bleached bones remained. Scarletís final mortal remains fated to join the scattered piles found within the castleís torture chamber, the only lingering evidence of that horrific fiendís countless victims...