Setting her smartphone on a large stone protruding from the tunnel’s wall, Erika activated its camera in video mode and hit the record button.

“Legends say this hidden subterranean passageway leads to the fabled dungeon of perilous delights. It’s believed that this long-forgotten dungeon contains some of the world’s most exquisitely gruesome instruments of agonizingly torturous death. The legends also say that any woman who foolishly enters this dungeon is fated to die a cruelly brutal death. So, tonight, I’ll hopefully find the dungeon of perilous delights and discover if all the legends about this place are true.”

Pausing to hit my phone’s stop button, I posted the video to one of my favorite S&M and bondage websites.

Then, with a smile of eager anticipation, I whispered, “And if all the legends turn out to be true, I’m especially looking forward to the whole, unspeakably torturous, dying in agony part...”