“Alone at my family’s remote cabin high in the ancient woods of the Carpathian Mountains, every night it’s the same dream, or perhaps I should say, my darkest most erotic nightmare...”

“It’s a dark and stormy night, the rumble of thunder echoing through the castle’s ancient stone walls. I'm naked with my wrists tied behind my back, desperately struggling to stay up on my toes in a futile attempt to escape the cold presence of that cruel impalement post already buried deep within the straining depths of my rectum.”

“And, even as I struggled to keep my tenuous balance on the impalement post’s tall shaft Vlad Tepes, or as he was more infamously known ‘Vlad, the Impaler,’ finished his dinner and poured another glass of wine as he watched my delightfully perilous struggles with darkly sadistic amusement.”

Smiling evilly, Vlad stared into Petra’s tear filled eyes, “Never fear Petra, you only thought I intended to abuse your body, on the contrary. Death is the fate I have in store for you.”

“Vlad waved to the executioner who, without the slightest hesitation, ruthlessly pulled the raised platform from beneath my desperately straining toes. Crying out in terror, I fought to squeeze the impalement post’s wooden shaft between my legs as I felt its thick unyielding tip slowly beginning to slip deeper into my guts. The impalement post’s surface, polished satin smooth by the dying struggles of countless women, made it impossible to prevent my deadly decent onto the shaft, my desperate terrified struggles only prolonging my torturous demise, my slow agonizing death merely serving as after dinner entertainment.”

“My perilous fate, doomed to die as little more than Vlad’s after dinner entertainment, what an utterly delightful fantasy...”