Naomi always had a flair for the dramatic. Her lover had to admit that was the only reason he’d kept her around, for as long as he did. She knew that some night, when her lover eventually grew tired of her perilous games she’d die for his amusement. He seriously believed that Naomi never imagined that night would actually arrive until it did, how foolishly naive.

Her lover came home to find Naomi waiting in the study wearing nothing but her favorite revealing leopard print bikini and a pair of black high heels, on the table behind her two glasses of wine and a large razor-sharp knife she’d selected from his extensive collection.

Starring into her lover’s cold appraising eyes, Naomi felt that addictively delightful mix of sexual arousal and heart-pounding terror quickly overwhelming her senses. She had no illusions about their relationship or her inevitable fate. To him, she was nothing more than an amusingly submissive masochistic sex toy, his to use to sate all his darkly twisted and perverted sexual desires. That is until the night he finally grew tired of her affections, the night, he claims her life.

Suggestively raising her hand up behind her head Naomi sensuously arched her back drawing her lover’s gaze to the plunging cleavage of her full firm breasts as she willed herself to close her eyes. Moments later, she felt his hand grasp her intertwined fingers drawing her lips toward his, her throbbing painfully erect nipples grinding against his rock-hard chest, as their lips met in a lingering and deeply passionate kiss. Moments later he released her hands, the warmth of his arm sliding down across the bare skin of her back as her arms instinctively slipped upward around his shoulders as her body melted into his warmth, the erotic promise of his erect cock pressing firmly against her belly as she looked up into his eyes.

Her lover felt Naomi’s body suddenly stiffen, the delightful look of pain in her lovely eyes as he pushed the knife deeper into her guts and slowly twisted the blade ripping her insides apart. A sharp gasp of pain escaped her lips as he roughly pulls the blade out of her belly only to bury the blade again. This time sinking the blade all the way to the hilt, several inches of blood coated steel obscenely protruding from Naomi’s back as he savagely twisted the blade deep within her mutilated guts.

Feeling herself quickly going into shock, Naomi knew she’s dying, each horrifyingly painful thrust of the blade into her guts sending fresh waves of unbearable agony exploding through her, the hot wetness of her blood soaking the front of her lover’s shirt and pants as he cruelly continued to stab his knife deep into her guts. Growing weaker with each savage thrust of the blade, Naomi felt her knees buckling as she slowly started to slide downward toward the blood slick floor, her agonizing death her final gift of willing submission to her sadistic cruelly demanding lover...

...Filled with an overwhelming sense of sadly erotic disappointment Naomi finished her glass of wine and picking up the chef’s knife, with its sharp eight-inch blade, carried both to her kitchen, putting the knife back into its place within the countertop knife block before refilling her wine glass. She had so many delightfully submissive and utterly masochistic fantasies, and yet, no sadistically gifted lover to share them with, how frustrating.

Retiring for the night, Naomi didn’t realize an unread email waited in her inbox, an email that would profoundly change the course of her life, a job offer from place known of as the Resort, a place that truly appreciates the drama...