“David, I’d like to thank you for coming here tonight. As you can see, I’m rather helpless, practically naked, with my arms bound behind my back and a cruel hangman’s noose already secured around my neck.”

“So David here’s the thing. Tonight, I want to die for your amusement. My sexy body erotically convulsing as this deadly noose grows steadily tighter around my neck as I delightfully struggle against the inevitable. So, are you up for this?”

Michele could see the look of eager anticipation on David’s face, “Hell yes, I’ve been looking forward to snuffing you since we first met.”

Smiling, Michele replied, “Good, I’m looking forward to dying for you tonight. By the way, since I wouldn’t be in any position to object if you want to fuck me while I’m strangling to death, rip my thong off and go for it.”

A faint smile of darkly masochistic anticipation appeared on Michele’s face, “Of course, I’d prefer you take me, deep and hard, in the ass, using just enough lubricant to ensure your pleasure. Oh, and if I die before you finish using me to fulfill all your evil, perverted sexual desires, that’s no reason to stop. Honestly, I’ve had necrophilic fantasies for years...”