Terri knows their depraved game’s horrifying danger will end badly for her. Still, she can’t resist the darkly perverse pleasure of the utter willing submission she so desperately craves every time she tightens that noose around her throat. Then, pushing that ballgag deep within her mouth, she secures her wrists behind her back and helplessly awaits her sadistic lover’s arrival.

I felt my heartbeat quicken when I heard my lover’s footsteps coming down the stairs, followed by the sharp click of the tall stiletto heels of her thigh-high leather boots on the basement’s concrete floor as she approached the entrance of our dungeon playroom. I feel a delightfully terrifying sensation of eager anticipation coursing through me as she steps across the dungeon threshold, closing the heavy, soundproof door behind her.

I can see the look of overwhelming evil in her clear blue eyes as she comes toward me. I can feel my excitement building at the sight of that skin-tight black leather catsuit sheathing the luscious curves of her body and that intimately familiar riding crop resting ominously in her matching leather-gloved hands.

I feel a sudden overpowering fear gripping my heart as my mistress walks past me without a glance. Tonight, there will be no compassion, no mercy. Tonight, there will only be the pain and suffering I’m so eagerly looking forward to.

Setting aside her riding crop, my sadistic lover opens the cabinet. Pausing to consider the cabinet’s options for cruelly enhancing my suffering, she turned back to me with an evil smile, holding a couple of leather straps and that black leather bondage hood she knows I hate in her hands.

Knowing the futility of resisting, I closed my eyes and meekly held my head still as she slipped that hood over my head, inserting its rubber breathing tubes into my nostrils before lacing it tight. I could feel the unyielding leather compressing my face as she cruelly tightened the hood’s laces, the growing pressure forcing that ballgag deeper into my mouth.

Shrouded in darkness with the hood laced tight, I felt her adjusting the noose around my neck, painfully clinching the rope snug before she used those leather straps to secure my ankles and knees. A moment later, I heard the dungeon’s overhead hoist activate.

The noose’s rope drew taut around my neck, slowly lifting my six-inch heels from the floor and forcing me upward onto the balls of my feet. Those tight straps around my legs, combined with my high heels, made it almost impossible to maintain my balance as that noose slowly threatened to strangle me.

Teetering helplessly on my toes, I could feel my calf muscles burning, each momentary loss of balance causing that noose to pull steadily tighter around my throat. Suddenly, I felt my lover’s hands briefly cupping my breasts, her thumbs and forefingers painfully crushing my engorged, throbbing nipples before sliding downward between my legs.

Feeling Terri squirming under the demanding attentions of her fingers, her mistress smiled as she whispered into Terri’s ear, “Oh, you’re so wet, so ready, aren’t you, my dear? Every night for the last year, we’ve played this diabolically amusing game, you hanging by your neck, your toes stretching desperately toward the floor as the noose grows steadily tighter with each passing minute. Then, just as you’re about to lose consciousness, I always relent and spare your life.”

Pausing as her evil smile of anticipation grew, she continued to caress Terri’s clitoris, “Well, not tonight, my dear. Tonight, you’ll finally get to live your darkest erotic nightmare. Tonight, there will be no last-minute reprieve. Tonight, I will finally enjoy watching your desperate struggle against the inevitable as you die a slow, agonizing death, simply for my amusement.”

An instant later, Terri’s sadistic mistress heard a faint cry of sexual pleasure escape Terri’s gagged and hooded mouth as her body stiffened in what promised to be one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Sliding her wet, gloved hand from between Terri’s thighs, her mistress poured herself a glass of wine before activating the dungeon’s overhead hoist, the noose pulling Terri brutally upward until her desperately stretching toes hung almost a foot above the basement floor. Then, after pausing for a sip of wine, Terri’s mistress picked up the small wireless remote from the table, dialed its power setting to maximum, and activated the powerful vibrator filling the straining depths of Terri’s vagina.

A few minutes later, Terri’s mistress smiled knowingly as Terri’s body convulsed with her first vibrator-induced orgasm of the evening. Most nights, Terri could hang from that deadly noose for about 35 agonizingly painful minutes while enduring at least a dozen powerful orgasms before the noose finally threatened to render her unconscious. That overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain, the vibrator and the noose, ultimately fulfilling her darkly masochistic enjoyment of both.

In the end, Terri impressively managed to last for almost 40 brutally torturous minutes and 19 powerful orgasms before, with one final convulsion, her body delightfully hung lifeless from that fatal noose.

Pausing to refill her wine glass, Terri’s former mistress knew it would be several hours before she could dispose of Terri’s corpse. From years of experience, she knew that even though she’d fired it up before entering her dungeon playroom, it would still be several hours before that old gas-fired crematorium finally grew hot enough to incinerate Terri’s body. Terri was hardly the first of her slave girls to vanish into its flames and certainly wouldn’t be the last...