The moment he came home, Daniel noticed his loverís purse and coat hanging neatly in the foyer. Then, he saw the note.

Dearest Daniel, Iíve known about your secret room for some time. This evening Iím waiting for you upstairs. Nora

Tossing aside his jacket Daniel rushed up the stairs, only to find the hidden entrance to his private dungeon playroom already open. Expecting the worst, he paused to collect his wits and stepped inside. What he found waiting for him, momentarily left him speechless. Nora, his current girlfriend, was standing there waiting for him, dressed in nothing but a corset, stockings and high heels with her wrists already securely handcuffed behind her back.

ďSo Daniel, having discovered your seductively sadistic playroom, I decided to extend you a delightfully perilous offer. For one night only, every orifice of my body is yours to use in sating all your darkest twisted sexual desires. And, when youíre finally finished using me for your perverted pleasure, I want to be strapped within that Iron Maiden so that you can enjoy the delightful sound of my desperate screams as I spend the next several days slowly dying in unrelenting agony for your amusement.Ē