Having left a note on the kitchen table, Courtney was already waiting in David’s hidden dungeon torture chamber, the expression of surprise on his face when he found her standing there in a revealing red bodysuit and high heels, holding a glass of wine, his expression quickly changed to something far more darkly ominous.

“David, last week, when you invited me to move in with you, this was the last thing I expected to find in your basement. When I came down to store some of my boxes, I never expected to discover you had this horrifically well-equipped torture chamber. I also found your private journal on that table next to the door, and according to the last few entries, it appears you’ve already picked me to be your next victim.”

Pausing for a sip of wine, I continued, “So, after some consideration, I decided to cut to the chase and confront you before you handcuffed my wrists and led me down here. I’ve known from our first night together that you enjoy hurting women. Why else would you have tied me to your bed and gagged me? Then using only enough lubricant to ensure your enjoyment sodomized me. And, while I admit I wasn’t expecting you to take me in the ass on our first date, there was just enough pain to fuel my masochistic desires. So, if you decide to take me in the ass tonight, consider using a little less lube.”

“And while I admit, the thought of you spending the night slowly torturing me to death, while delightfully disturbing, is also darkly appealing to my masochistic side. So, if this is to be the night I die, hopefully screaming in agony, promise you’ll make it as obscenely torturous as possible.”

Pausing to finish my glass of wine, I set it on the table, “So, I’m all yours to do with as you cruelly desire, no safe words, no limits, and no expectations of mercy.”

Later that night, as he finished dumping the last of Courtney’s dismembered corpse into the acid tank, David knew he’d always fondly remember this night. Courtney was the first woman he’d tortured to death who seemed to enjoy her delightfully fatal demise. Of course, the ballgag filling her mouth rendered anything she’d tried to say unintelligible, other than the delightfully muffled sound of her screams...