Last night, my loving master told me he would fulfill my darkest masochistic desire, to suffer a slow, excruciating death by hanging. He was honest, which is one of his most endearing traits. I turned thirty just a few months ago, so I knew this night was coming. He didnt admit it, but I knew Hed found someone new, another younger submissive interested in gallows games, so Id become expendable. Tonight, after so many years, hes not going to relent and lower me down just before I lose consciousness. Instead, tonight Im going to hang until I die.

Since I first met him, Ive fantasized about this night, to know that when he kicks that stool from beneath my feet, Im destined to die a torturously unpleasant death. But, at least I know Ill go out with a bang. Before I dressed for my execution, he ordered me to insert that painfully oversized vibrating butt plug, the one he knows I hate, deep into my rectum. That and the uncomfortable catheter plug in my bladder because we both hate it when I make an annoying mess as I lose consciousness.

Downstairs in our dungeon playroom, hes already ominously laid out the restraints for tonight, a leather strap for my wrists, another for my elbows, a third for my ankles, and a final strap for just above my knees, and a painfully large ballgag for my mouth. Just enough restraint to rob me of any delusions of escaping my torturously diabolic fate while letting me vainly struggle against the inevitable for his darkly twisted amusement.

After all, he promised me a deliciously perilous night, one to die for...