“Following their instructions I checked into this hotel in Budapest. They came for me in the middle of the night, a stark moment of terror, awakening to a leather gloved hand covering my mouth, a brief sharp pain at the side of my neck, then darkness. Abducted from my hotel room, I awoke here in this horrifying torture chamber, chained to the wall and wearing nothing but this tight revealing bodysuit and a pair of high heels.”

They’d intentionally abducted Anna from her hotel, a hotel that the owners of this unspeakable place have a long-standing agreement with. The hotel management notifies them when any pretty young women check in so that they can make arrangements for their abduction. The hotel management believes their business associates are merely white slavers. However, the women they abduct are destined for a dark and far more perilous fate.

“This evening, a wealthy and darkly sadistic client will arrive here at this brutal place that once inspired all those terrifying Hostel movies. This client is paying a considerable amount for the privilege of raping and torturing to death a beautiful damsel in distress.”

“Tonight, it my turn to be that damsel in distress, the one destined to die screaming in unspeakable agony merely for the sick twisted amusement of some wealthy sadistic fiend. After all, this deliberately perilous fate is also what I paid a considerable amount to experience. Lucky me...