I knew the terrible risk, yet I willingly accepted the danger. To stand high upon that bench, that deadly noose tightened snuggly around my throat, my wrists handcuffed tightly behind my back. Iím willing to risk everything for the love of someone I barely know, someone desiring my greatest gift.

As I stand helplessly upon that bench, you slowly slide the warmth of your latex gloved hands up along the back of my stocking clad thighs, carefully lifting one firm trembling thigh high over your shoulder that you might drink of my sex, your skilled tongue pushing me to heights of pleasure I never imagined possible as you savor the taste of my bitter sweet arousal.

You look up, our eyes locking as I helplessly climax, an orgasm more powerful than any Iíd ever imagined enduring, yours a demanding tongue savoring my desperate erotic pleasure as you quickly push me toward that next orgasm, even as I feel you slide that first latex sheathed finger deep into the moist tight depths of my sex.

With each overwhelming orgasm, you slip yet another finger deep into the heated tightness of my sex, my aroused cries of pleasure greedily spurring you on. In the end, I stare down into your eyes, as your tongue does things to my clit that Iíd never before imagined possible, my body relaxing to accept what Iíd thought impossible as you firmly push upward to sheath your hand, wrist deep within my sex, the tightness of my vaginal muscles passionately gripping your wrist as your tongue tastes the sweet intensity of my final orgasm.

Itís time, you look up into my eyes as both instinctive realize the truth, your fingers forming a fist deep inside me, as you lower my long stocking clad leg from your shoulder and cruelly kick the bench out from beneath my tall spiked heels.

The look of pain and horror in my eyes nothing compared to the feel of my vaginal muscles tightening to grip your forearm as the noose around my throat arrests my fall. Ignoring my desperate struggles you marvel at the sight of your arm buried practically elbow deep within my sex, my vagina tightening to instinctively draw your arm deeper still as you feel my body shudder with one final almost unimaginably powerful orgasm before slowly pulling your fist from the straining depths of my sex.

Glancing up, you can see the unimaginable terror in my eyes. We both know, this time, there will be no pleasure after the pain. There will be no last minute reprieve. Tonight Iím fated to die simply for your sexual gratification.

Pausing, you bring up your hand and savor the sweet taste of my arousal before picking up that glass of wine to watch as I slowly strangle to death for your amusement. Still, I did manage to last an enticing 25 minutes before, with one provocatively sexy final shudder I hung lifeless from the noose.

Finishing your wine, you smile darkly. Then, glancing at the mirror, you brush back an unruly lock of hair, check your lipstick and amused by the prominence of your almost painfully throbbing nipples, re-zip the front of your black skin-tight latex cat suit before heading upstairs.

The incredible realism of the special effects used in the intensely erotic death scenes of your lesbian themed torture-porn videos is truly amazing. Of course, like me, some never realize until itís far too late, that you actually donít use any...