Renee felt her heart skip a beat as she thought about the horror movie she’d watched earlier that evening. The film had a disturbing anti-hero theme, the film’s main character was a vicious serial killer traveling the city streets seeking out beautiful women to brutalize and savagely murder. He’d stalk each of his victims for several days before striking, learning their habits before abducting them from parking garages, elevators, or any place where his victims would be alone and vulnerable.

Once he captured his chosen victim, he’d take her back to her own home, where he strips her naked, ties her nude body spreadeagle upon her bed, and gags her. Then, with his latest victim helplessly secured, he’d patiently wait until the effects of the chloroform he’d used during her abduction finally wore off.

Once she is conscious and fully awake, he’d anally rape her using just enough lubricant to ensure his enjoyment with no thought of hers. With each powerful thrust, he pounds his massive erection balls agonizingly deep within the straining depths of her bowels. He’ll usually last for at least thirty minutes, if not considerably longer, before he feels his orgasm approaching. Then, just as he climaxes, he’d grab a handful of the woman’s hair, roughly pulling her head back as he takes his knife and slits her throat from ear to ear.

The ultimate, perverted sexual predator thrill, climaxing deep within a woman’s ass as she’s bleeding to death for your sadistic amusement. That, and knowing, thanks to the male enhancement drug you took before she awoke, you’ll be able to use her lifeless body for another hour or two before she starts to grow cold.

What can I say, a cruel and agonizing anal rape, followed by a gruesome blood-soaked death and hours of necrophilia? I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a masochistic snuff toy’s ultimate erotic fantasy.

Now, imagination is good but only if it could happen for real. If it can, sign me up...