“This year I made a special New Year’s resolution, to finally experience my darkest erotic fantasy, one that requires the services of a professional to fulfill. It took several days to find the right person and to work out all the details before we managed to finalize the contract and agree on the price.”

“So, in a few minutes the contractor, an expert with a rather special skill set, will arrive. When he does, the first thing, he’s going to do is tie my wrists behind my back. After that, I’m his to use to satisfy all his darkly twisted sexual desires, every orifice of my body brutally ravaged multiple times.”

“Then, as midnight approaches, he’s going to force me down onto my knees and patiently waiting until the clock on the mantle begins to chime before he stabs the knife deep into my belly, viciously twisting its blade within my guts. After that, with every chime of the clock, he’ll stab me again, each time painfully twisting that razor-sharp blade inside me. Then, on the twelfth and final chime, instead of stabbing me in the belly, he’s going to use that knife to cut my throat.”

“I’ve arranged every detail. I’m alone in the house. The front door conveniently left unlocked. Waiting on the table in the foyer an open briefcase containing eighty thousand, all in neat stacks of unmarked non-consequential twenty’s with my favorite kitchen knife, it's eight-inch blade sharpened to razor-like perfection, along with a length of rope resting suggestively on top.”

“Of course, there’s more than one contract being finalized tonight. The one I agreed to with that mafia hitman who will be arriving shortly to rape and murder me is just my satisfyingly creative way of fulfilling the final step in securing my life-changing contract to become a Resort Vacation Club companion. Lately it seems, due to the unacceptably high failure rate for new companions, the Resort management has started demanding that applicants prove they’re ready to accept all the job’s requirements. One might say applicants have to show they're willing to die for it...”