For as long as Gwen can remember she’d always had a darkly fatalistic obsession with cold steel blades, the intensely erotic attraction of those infamous slasher movies, movies where twisted psychopaths eagerly use razor-sharp blades to wantonly butcher beautiful women.

Gwen met him almost by accident, on an online discussion group, one dedicated to sexual fantasies of becoming a serial killer's next victim. He was so kind and understanding. He promised if she willingly submitted he’d help her to fulfill her darkest erotic desire to die by surgical evisceration. Her death would slow torturous affair, her killer slicing open her belly, the incision starting at the underside of her sternum and running down to her crotch, the razor-sharp blade cutting just deep enough to open her abdomen without damaging her internal organs. Robbed of the support provided by her abdominal muscles, gravity alone will gradually cause her belly to bulge open until her intestines slowly start to slip out, uncoiling to spill into a waiting blood-spattered bucket.

Once the sickening flow of intestine's finally stops, the incision in her belly is widened using surgical spreaders, allowing her killer to continue the removal of her digestive tract, cutting her stomach free from the base of her esophagus and detaching her rectum from her anus.

Her reproductive organs follow next, carefully keeping her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries intact. The rest of Gwen’s abdominal organs will follow. Her bladder, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys and finally her liver will follow her intestines into the waiting bucket. And with each step, blood vessels carefully clamped off to keep her blood loses to a minimum.

Now, in this dark terrifying place, Gwen trembled with both fear and eager anticipation as he locked those steel manacles securely around her wrists, that horrifying steel mask concealing all but his cold merciless eyes. Then, removing a small spray bottle from the desk, he guided the tip of the bottle’s extended spray nozzle back past her tonsils and sent a long burst of icy cold fluid down deep into her throat as she struggled not to gag. Smiling at the sudden look of fear in Gwen’s eyes, he explained, “The spray numbs your vocal cords, temporary rendering you mute. Of course, while you’re unable to speak, I can assure you that you’ll still be able to scream.”

Gwen already knew he planned to give her enough stimulants to keep her conscious and alert to the end. And after he completed her obscenely torturous disembowelment, he intended to cut off her breasts to harvest her implants for his collection, before using a surgical saw to end her life by beheading her.

Gwen smiled as she watched her killer switching on the cameras before picking up a very sharp-looking surgical scalpel. And, she knew with absolute certainty that she’d soon be screaming, especially since the Ghost produced his fiendishly torturous snuff films without the bothersome need for anesthesia...