Daphne’s already helplessly waiting when you arrived. A stunning vision, her body, sheathed in figure-hugging white latex, contrasted by the black latex corset, collar, gloves, and ballet boots. Concealed, under that white latex, are two intimidatingly massive dildos. The one in her vagina, thicker than her wrist and twelve inches long, is pressing uncomfortably upward against her cervix. The other, just as thick and twice as long, a throbbing presence with its tip buried deep within her colon.

You can see the look of fear and eager anticipation in Daphne’s lovely eyes, black or white, pleasure or pain, as she notices the remote in your hand. The remote, appearing deceptively simple, with just two buttons. The white button activates the powerful vibrators built into those two intimately straining dildos. The black activates the dildo’s powerful random electroshock feature.

You smile at the look on Daphne’s face as you press the white button. Even at their lowest settings, both vibrators provide intense stimulation, and she reaches her first orgasm of the evening in less than three minutes. She climaxes with her second orgasm two minutes later.

With each passing moment, the vibrator’s unrelenting stimulation gradually increases, until fifteen minutes after activation, she’s climaxing almost once per minute, when you finally decide to press the remote’s black button, activating both dildo’s powerful electroshock feature.

A few minutes later, Daphne’s eyes go wide as the dildo buried deep within her ass administers her first electroshock of the evening, that brief jolt of discomfort fueling her next orgasm with unexpected masochistic pleasure.

At thirty minutes, the vibrator’s power settings have reached their maximum, while the intensity of the random electroshocks, in both her vagina and ass, have risen from mildly unpleasant to painful. That masochistic combination of both pleasure and pain, heightening the intensity of Daphne’s orgasms, now coming so close together, she no longer can tell where one ends, and the next begins.

At forty minutes, you realize that Daphne’s having trouble catching her breath and smile as another painful electrical shock causes her body to delightfully convulse as the current briefly courses through her. Unlike the vibrators, which reached their maximum setting in just thirty minutes, the frequency and intensity of the electroshock will continue to grow.

Of course, both you and Daphne know that in the coming hours of unrelenting pleasure and steadily growing pain as the electroshock feature finally nears its maximum voltage. However, by then, it will have already proven itself agonizingly fatal for Daphne. Black or white, pleasure or pain, in the end, for a true masochist, is there really a difference?