Just another perilously provocative pinup, a beautiful, scantily-clad young woman, her wrists helplessly restrained against the cold concrete wall of some diabolical and sickly perverted monster’s basement, hopelessly doomed to suffer a gruesome and torturously agonizing demise. Or is she? Consider, for a moment, perhaps all isn’t as it seems.

Watching as red hot irons glowing in the flames of the brazier, a delightfully erotic shiver of utterly masochistic anticipation passed through Mindy’s mind as she imagines helplessly enduring all the unspeakably tortures to come. Here of her own free will, Mindy eagerly watches as that cruelly sadistic fiend, his face concealed behind an ominous metal mask, carefully sharpens his knives. His darkly erotic promise, of long brutal hours of unspeakably cruel torture and mutilation, inevitably culminating in her slow agonizing death, drew her to this dark and terrifying place. As he locked the restraints around her wrists, she’d felt a delightfully chilling sensation of unimaginable fear at his final words, “In this place, expect no mercy, here you have no rights, no expectation my honoring any of your pathetic limits or cherished safe words. This night, you will suffer in unrelenting agony, your desperate screams of torment, delightful sweet music. Your inevitable death, a slow and unspeakably tortuous demise, merely suffered for my darkly sadistic amusement.”

Finally, setting aside the last of his terrifying knives, its long gleaming blade horned to razor-sharp perfection, Mindy felt a sudden and enticingly cold tightness of fear squeezing her heart as he casually picked up a leather flogger, each of its eight heavy leather thongs tipped with a small sharp steel blade.

Sensing Mindy’s sudden fear, he smiled behind his face concealing metal mask, “Why resist Mindy? We both know you want this as much as I do. So much flesh, so many different pleasures. I will enjoy making you bleed. And I will enjoy making you enjoy it. Shall we begin?”

Staring into his cold unfeeling eyes, Mindy could see an evil look of anticipation, a look of eager anticipation that she instinctively realized equaled her own. She knew she wanted this, that she’d always wanted this. This was her darkest most intimate masochistic fantasy, to suffer a slow torturous death merely for the amusement of cruel faceless fiend.

From behind his infamous metal mask, he could see the eager erotic anticipation slowly appearing on Mindy’s face as she looked into his eyes and simply stated, “Do me.”

Early the next morning, while dumping the final pieces of Mindy’s mutilated remains into the acid tank, he smiled as he thought of her actually managing to fulfill all her darkest, most erotically masochistic fantasies. Of course, she also managed to fulfil his, all of which was captured from multiple angles by the room’s carefully concealed high-definition video cameras. A little editing and Mindy’s gruesomely bloody demise would soon become his latest snuff film, her obscenely torturous death serving merely as amusement for his sadistically demanding audience...