Tonight Piperís waiting alone in the basement, dressed in stockings, high heels and gloves sheís standing upon a low bench, with the hangmanís deadly noose snug around her slender throat, her favorite oversized ball gag securely strapped within her mouth, and with her wrists tightly handcuffed behind her back.

Arriving home almost an hour before Frank, I had time for a quick shower, fresh makeup and to be dressed and waiting downstairs when he arrived home. Working at a bank, I always wear simple subdued makeup and sensible heels but after hours I always like to look, as Frank describes me, smoken hot, especially on our special nights.

Frank loves to indulge my darkly erotic asphyxiation fantasies, whether itís his hand over my face during sex, his belt around my throat, a plastic bag over my head, or tonight, my personal favorite, the noose. So, here I am, standing on a short bench, the noose around my throat with just enough slack that when it snaps taut, Iíll be hanging with my crotch at the perfect height for Frank to fuck me senseless as I slowly strangle to death for his darkly sadistic amusement.

Of course, Frank being a sadistic fiend isnít going to let me off that easy. After he reaches orgasm, heíll leave me hanging, enjoying a glass or two of wine, as he gleefully watches me struggling against the inevitable. Heíll take me right to edge of death, waiting until Iím just about to lose consciousness, before finally hitting the hoist control to drop me to the floor. Then, removing the noose from around my throat, heíll tenderly pick me up in his arms and carry me upstairs to our bedroom where weíll spend the night making love. As for the locked ball gag and the handcuffs, theyíll stay right where they are, the keys to unlock them secured within a small time locked safe on the nightstand that wonít open until Saturday morning.

After that Iím his to use in any way he desires until next Friday night, and who knows, that could be the night when he finally lets me fulfill my darkest erotic desire, to hang until I actually die for his amusement...