Awakened in the middle of that stormy night by the crash of thunder and lightning Mary is sure she heard something else, but was it just some freak trick of the wind, or did she really hear a woman's high-pitched scream?

Leaving the warmth and safety of her bedchamber to investigate the scream she's still uncertain that she'd actually heard, Mary soon discovers that the castle's power is out, but still undeterred she set out to explore the castle's dungeons by candlelight.

As Mary descends into the subterranean depths of the castle's medieval dungeons, the sounds of the storm high above slowly fade away until all that remains is the echoing click of her high heels against the passage's steeply descending steps.

The dungeon's ancient torture chamber is shrouded in deathly silence, the chamber's horrifying instruments of medieval torture appear ominous, almost as if they're still silently waiting for the next victim. Sure that the scream she thought she'd heard was merrily a trick of the wind and her own imagination Mary is about the return to her bed when she noticed the torture chamber's most infamously diabolical instrument of torturous death, the iron maiden.

Constructed in the late 1400's for the agonizingly torturous execution of the Baron's adulterous wife, the iron maiden stood forgotten for well over one hundred years. It wasn't until one of the Baron's most infamous decedents used it to butcher the hundreds of women he'd accused of unvirtuous behavior, that the iron maiden finally earned its horrifying reputation. Few records remain concerning this diabolical madman's unspeakable reign of terror, only his well earned title lives on, the Punisher.

Almost as if compelled by some unseen force Mary found herself approaching the iron maiden until it stood fully revealed in the candlelight. Staring at that horrifying instrument of death Mary felt a sudden chill at the thought of what it would be like to die within the iron maiden's spike lined interior. Sealed within the iron maiden's claustrophobic confines, her dying body brutally impaled upon the iron maiden's razor sharp spikes as she helplessly endured the long painful hours of almost unimaginable torment, slowly, inevitably, bleeding to death in unrelenting unbearable agony.

Mary smiled, the thought of willingly going to her death within the spiked lined interior of the iron maiden sending overwhelming waves of darkly erotic amusement coursing though Mary's thoroughly masochistic mind as the baroness, and last surviving descendent of the Punisher, left the torture chamber and started up the long steep staircase to the castle far above.

All that remained was to find someone cruel and sadistic enough to become her personal Punisher...