An elementary school principal, Samantha always dressed conservatively while in public. Still, when alone in the privacy of her secluded lakefront home, and especially after a glass or two of wine, she becomes Sam. The same Sam, who during winter recess in the Florida Keys last year, decided to have her nipples pierced with permanent silver chain linked rings.

Standing at the window of my boudoir, I stared out at the moonlight, reflecting off the still waters of the lake. Gone is Samantha, that prim and proper school principal. In her place stands Sam, her submissively masochistic alter ego.

For as long as I can remember, Iíve secretly fantasized about surrendering to my darkly erotic desires. To willingly giving myself to a domineering, sadistically cruel master who will make me scream, both in pleasure and pain, simply for his amusement.

Sadly, while I possess an extensive wardrobe of decidedly kinky clothing, Iíve never dared to go beyond a bit of self-bondage.


Closing my eyes, I imagine what it would be like to be hanging helplessly from my wrists, a jaw-straining ballgag strapped tightly within my mouth to stifle my desperate screams as that heavy bullwhip paints welt after searing welt across my bare white skin. Every agonizing caress of that obscenely torturous whip only heightening my darkly masochistic pleasure.

My powerful sexual arousal saturates my thong panties. My arousal coating the insides of my thighs. In that timeless moment, my master tosses aside that brutal whip, roughly rips my panties off, and takes me deep and hard in a single mighty thrust of his intimidating rock-hard cock. Even as aroused as I am, itís painful as his demanding cock stretches the tight walls of my vagina to accommodate his awe-inspiring girth. That delightful pain combines with the unbelievable sensation of his cockís bulging tip pressing roughly up against my cervix, sending me over the edge into one of the most powerful orgasms Iíve ever imagined experiencing. The orgasms that followed as he spent most of the following hour ruthlessly fucking me to within an inch of my life, each orgasm more powerful than the last.

Struggling to catch my breath after the last orgasm, I felt his pace quicken and realized he was about to climax, every frantic thrust of his cock attempting to drive itself deeper into me. When he finally came, so did I, an orgasm so powerful I thought my heart was going to explode as I felt him filling my womb with his seed.

Exhausted, I watched as he slowly pulled out of me. The sensation of his cock slipping out of me leaving me with a sad feeling of emptiness, that was until I realized that his penis was still fully erect. Glancing into his eyes, I saw that seductive look of pure evil Iíd fallen in love with, but now I wasnít so sure.

Grabbing my hips, he spun me around, something thatís easy to do when youíre hanging by your wrists from a spreader bar. Before I could react, I felt his cock pressing insistently against my anus. The sudden tightening of his grip on my hips. The only warning, before he roughly pulled me back, impaling his cock balls deep into my guts in a single thrust. The thick shaft of his penis painfully filling my straining rectum while its massive bulging tip was buried somewhere deep inside my colon as I screamed in pure unadulterated agony.

Ignoring my screams or perhaps reveling in them, he continued to brutally fuck my ass. Thrusting himself into me again and again, with absolutely no interest in my pleasure. Each thrust of his cock, lubricated merely by the lingering traces of my arousal, more agonizing than the last.

It was then that something unexpected happened. I found myself pushing back with each painfully deep thrust into my bowels, almost as if I wanted him to thrust even deeper into my guts. Moments later, I masochistically realized that was what I truly desired. I liked the pain, the unrelenting agony, and I desperately wanted more, regardless of the cost.


So, thatís my sad little story of brutally unfulfilled hedonistic lust. I did, in an evening of alcohol-fueled lust, have my nipples pierced. Iím still unsure why I agreed to have those rings permanently welded closed, but so be it. Every night, when I go to bed, I dream of meeting that domineering, sadistically cruel master and wonder that if I did, would I regret possibly not surviving it...