It was just after midnight, the witching hour, the time when horror lurks in the shadows. Alone, a beautiful woman pours another glass of wine as she basks in the warmth of the fireplace.

Arriving home after work on Friday evening, Olivia changed out of her conservative business attire and low heels. Then, after a quick shower, she changed into a revealing, low-cut white bodysuit, tights, and a pair of matching six-inch spike-heeled pumps before going back downstairs to her study to light the fireplace. Then, pouring herself a glass of wine, she opened the e-reader on her tablet and downloaded her favorite authorís newest erotic horror novel.

It was just after midnight when I finished the novel, the protagonist of which was an unspeakably evil monster, a powerful warlock, whoíd discovered the secret to immortality over seven hundred years ago.

Itís a dark magic spell that demands an obscenely high price to retain his immortality, the sacrifice of a beautiful womanís life every twenty-eight days. And worse, she must die a brutally agonizing death for the spell to work its magic, transferring her life force to the warlock as she slowly dies, renewing his immortality.

As you can imagine, heís refined the brutal art of torture by murdering thirteen women to death every year for over seven hundred years. Heís learned how to intentionally maximize his unfortunate victimís torment until she slowly dies after days of unrelenting agony to prolong his evil existence.

His powers have also become unmatched in the world of dark witchcraft. One is his ability to read a womanís thoughts over great distances, his attention attracted by those whose minds are awash with darkly masochistic images of torturous death, women predisposed to his dungeonís tortuous delights. He also can instantaneously teleport his intended victim straight to the holding cage within his dungeon while clouding the minds of all who witnessed her mysterious disappearance.

Sadly, I know this is just a well-written work of fiction. An evil creature like this could never exist. After all, if this warlock existed and read my mind, Iíd have gone to my agonizingly torturous death in his dungeon years ago...