It was a dark and stormy night, a beautiful woman stood alone within a terrifying chamber of horrors, a place hidden high in the mountains outside the city, a place where the sheís come to experience her darkest erotic nightmare, the Pendulum.

Camila always knew this night would come, for her itís never been a question of if, only of when.

Built by the infamous creator of diabolical mechanical devices, a man known only as the toymaker, the Pendulum is Camilaís darkest most erotic nightmare, it canít be bargained with, it canít be reasoned with, it doesnít feel pity, it doesnít feel remorse, and itís absolutely will not stop until sheís dead.

Camila felt her throat tighten with apprehension as she imagined what it would be like to by lying on that platform, her wrists and ankles securely locked within the platformís restraints, as she stared at that deadly unstoppable blade swinging through the air high above her. The ominous sound of its passage an evil hiss, its massive blade a deadly blur of razor sharp death as it flashed through the air, as with each terrifying swing of the Pendulum the deadly blade descends steadily closer.

Tonight, as the lightning flash eerily against the massive polished steel blade of the Pendulum Camila felt a sudden tightness in her chest, one that had nothing to do with the tightness of her corset. Tonight, she would fulfill her darkest erotic nightmare, to die screaming in agony beneath the Pendulumís sharp unstoppable blade.

Some nightmares are worth experiencing... even if you end up dying before you awake...