Entering the abattoir, the executioner noticed Claire standing by the mirror, “Good evening Claire. You look especially ravishing this evening.”

Smiling, Claire turned from the mirror and responded, “Yes, I have to agree. I do look ravishing this evening. Or, perhaps it’s the knowledge that I’m willingly going to my gruesomely perilous demise tonight that makes me feel so incredibly aroused.”

Smiling knowingly, her executioner replied, “Over the years, I’ve learned that some women, especially those with darkly masochistic desires, find the thought of willingly enduring a slow and agonizing death intensely erotic.”

Walking over, the executioner unlocked the stock’s neck and wrist restraints, “Shall we begin?”

Realizing that the time to commit had arrived, my smile vanished as I approached the execution bondage stock. Glancing down at that razor-sharp blade poised just above the stock’s knee restraint bar, I felt a delightful sensation of growing horror at the thought of how agonizingly painful my death would be.

Pausing to take a deep breath, I carefully straddled that naked steel blade and slipped my feet behind the stock’s ankle restraint bar. Then, leaning forward placed my wrists and neck into the stock’s open restraints.

Locking the stock’s wrist and neck restraints closed, the executioner used several leather straps to secure Clair’s ankles and knees to their respective restraint bars. Then, picking up the ballgag and taking a knee, he pressed its large rubber ball deep into Claire’s mouth, buckling its strap snuggly tight.

Placing his right index finger on the gutting blade’s glowing red activation button, the executioner paused, “I’m sorry you decided against being fucked before you die. I’ve always liked to send my victims out with a bang whenever possible, but it’s your choice.”

I stared into my executioner’s eyes and shook my head, “Imm ah leezbein.”

Listening to my ballgag garbled statement, he smiled with sad understanding, “So, you’re a lesbian. Well, Claire, that explains your choice. Too bad.” Then, he pressed the gutting blade’s activation button.

Instantly that razor-sharp blade flashed upward and back as it agonizingly sliced through my guts, effortlessly opening my belly from the base of my ribcage to my crotch in less than a single heartbeat. In that brutally timeless moment, I finally understood why that mirror stood where it was. All it took was a slight turn of my head, and I could watch my blood and mutilated guts spilling onto the abattoir’s floor.

Her executioner watched as Claire’s blood and entrails spilled from her ruined belly. She lasted almost ten delightfully torturous minutes before her mounting blood loss finally rendered her unconscious. Five minutes later, he noticed that her bleeding had slowed to a mere trickle. Checking Claire’s pulse, he confirmed that she was dead.

Removing Claire’s corpse from the execution bondage stock, he placed her lifeless body on the gurney for its short trip down the hall to the waiting crematorium. Once he consigned her body to the flames, he’d return with a bucket to clean up the mutilated remains of her entrails to add to the fire, then use the hose to wash her blood into the floor drain.

In the morning, after a few edits, he’ll post the video of Claire’s painful and delightfully perilous demise for the amusement of his loyal and darkly sadistic audience...