As she entered the execution chamber, staring at the waiting deathtrap in all its terrifying glory, Amanda felt a delightfully chilling sensation of fear racing along her spine. Known for his diabolically innovative deathtraps, Amanda thought that the Toy Maker had out done himself with his latest creation, the Bilateral Sawing Peril, it looked truly diabolic.

Entering the execution chamber the man, known only as the Toy Maker, smiled at the stark look of terror in Amanda’s lovely eyes before turning to face the cameras, “Good evening, tonight Amanda has graciously agreed to take part in the first live demonstration of my newest creation, the diabolically tortuous Bilateral Sawing Peril.” Placing his hand on the small of Amanda’s back, he urged her toward the deathtrap’s ominous looking platform.

The audience watched as Amanda, climbed up unto the platform, smiling nervously as she carefully slid her legs around the large razor-sharp buzz saw poised above the platform’s ankle restraint bar. Then, laying back she adjusted the neck support into a comfortable position and reaching up positioned her wrists next to the platform’s wrist restraint bar.

Opening the cabinet built into the platform’s base the Toy Maker removed a pair of manacles which he clipped to the rings on the ends of the platform’s wrist restraint bar before locking the manacles securely around Amanda’s wrists. Removing a second set of manacles, he then used them to secure Amanda’s ankles to the platform as well.

With Amanda secured to the platform the Toy Maker removed a pair of surgical shears from the cabinet and used them to cut off what little clothing Amanda was wearing. Returning the shears to the cabinet he closed the cabinet door and turned to the cameras, “The Bilateral Sawing Peril incorporates several delightfully torturous features to enhance the victims torment.”

Pausing to raise Amanda’s head from the rest, the Toy Maker repositioned it further down toward her shoulders before lowering her had back down, “As you can see the rest is designed to align the victim’s mouth and throat for the oral probe.”

Reaching up he pressing the oral probes activation switch, “When first activated, the probe pushes deep into her mouth. Pausing as it reaching her tonsils the probe emits a fast acting throat numbing spray to suppress the victim’s gag reflex before it pushes deeper into her throat.”

Pausing to admire the way the thick shaft of the oral probe caused Amanda’s throat to bulge as the entire length of the probe pushed into her mouth, “The probe's shaft is designed to fill the victim’s throat rendering her mute while its hollow shaft allows her to breathe, but it also comes with a random asphyxiation mode to compound her terror. Optionally, the platform can be equipped with a fluid reservoir allowing the probe to administer liquids, randomly forcing the victim to swallow in order to avoid drowning. The reserve can hold up to two gallons of any temperature controlled liquid you desire to inflict.”

Smiling the Toy Maker looked down into Amanda’s eyes as he added, “For today’s demonstration, I’ve thoughtfully filled Amanda’s reserve with a gallon of warm fresh horse semen.”

Smiling as he turned back to the cameras, “Which brings us to the vaginal probe, an oversized phallic shaft that’s not only capable of powerful thrusting into the heated depths of her sex but one that also contains a powerful vibrator.”

Reaching up the Toy Maker switched on the vaginal probe as he continued, “The probe is designed to heighten the victim’s sexual frustration, randomly varying the speed of its thrusts and the intensity of its vibrations to keep her right on the verge of orgasm without actually allowing her to climax."

“Well, all this diabolic foreplay brings us to the gruesome main event, Amanda’s death beneath the spinning razor-sharp blades of the saws. Settable with either a random or fixed delay of between fifteen minutes to twelve hours, the lateral saw first cuts the victim open at her waist. Cutting just deep enough to avoid severing her spinal cord the lateral saw rips though the victims guts.”

“Then, as the first saw finishes its agonizing pass through the victim's belly. The vaginal probe retracts out of her sex, and along with the lateral saw slides forward along the mounting rail as the larger bisecting saw spins up between your victim’s legs. Opening the victim’s body from her crotch up to the base of her throat, the bisecting saw advances quickly, most victims still conscious as the blade slices upward through the cleavage of their breasts.”

“Lastly, as with all my torturous deathtraps, the Bilateral Sawing Peril, is designed for ease of cleanup, the porous stainless steel surface of the pedestal leads to a drain incorporated within its base ready to be hooked up to your abattoir’s plumbing.”

Glancing back the Toy Maker smiled as he watched Amanda struggling to swallow another load of horse semen, “As for Amanda, in less than an hour her mutilated remains will be nothing more than ash within this execution chamber's crematorium...