Ashley, just before she left the dressing room, “Often in life, timing is everything. And, tonight, with a little diabolic assistance, it can be in death.”

Wearing stockings, high heels, and a sheer black blouse, Ashley entered the execution cell, stepping into the camera view as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse.

Pausing, I slid the blouse off my shoulders, allowing it to drop to the floor behind me. Then, wearing just stockings and high heels, I continued toward the waiting post-mounted garotte.

Reaching the garotte, I turned the dial, setting the execution cycle to its maximum duration of sixty minutes. Then, I pushed the dial inward until I heard it click, activating the timer. I now had five minutes before the garotte would automatically begin to tighten.”

Moving quickly, I reached down and secured the restraints around my ankles, chaining my legs to the base of the garotte’s metal post. Then, reaching down, I pulled out the locking pin on the underside of the shaft-mounted saddle and started easing it upward until the bulging phallic-shaped tip of its massive metal vibrator reached my crotch.

I briefly felt myself shiver as the cold metal shaft slipped effortlessly upward into the aroused wetness of my vagina as it stretched my insides to accommodate its intimidating girth. I had almost all of the vibrator’s massive shaft inside me when I felt its tip pressing uncomfortably upward against my cervix. Reaching under the saddle, I released the spring-loaded locking pin, but nothing happened. Glancing down at the post beneath the saddle, I noticed the holes used to adjust the saddle’s height were about two inches apart. So, I must either raise or lower the saddle about an inch to get it to lock in place.

A faint grin of dark amusement appeared on my face as a delightfully masochistic thought came to mind. Why settle for just a tiny amount of discomfort when you can make it painful instead with just a little effort. So, rocking up onto my toes, I lifted the tall stiletto heels of my shoes off the floor as I raised the saddle upward, about an inch higher, until its locking pin finally clicked into place. Then, carefully relaxing my legs, I settled painfully down upon that vibrator’s unyielding metal tip.

Enjoying the masochistic rush of pain, I reached up and secured the garrote’s rope snuggly around my throat and secured the restraints around my wrists, chaining my arms helplessly to the back of the metal shaft behind me.

A look of grim satisfaction appeared on Ashley’s face as she turned toward the nearest camera, “Good evening, I’m Ashley, and for the past twelve years, I’ve been a professional submissive escort. Over the years, I’ve discovered that erotic asphyxiation, at least for me, is the greatest masochistic pleasure. So, tonight, I intend to experience my ultimate masochistic fantasy, to endure a slow, painful, and multi-orgasmic death by auto-erotic asphyxiation.”

Pausing as Ashley felt the powerful vibrator buried deep within her sex switching on, “I’ve set the garotte’s execution duration for sixty minutes and initiated this diabolic deathtrap. Its five-minute activation delay, giving me just enough time to secure myself within its inescapable restraints. Now, as that five-minute wait finally ends, the massive saddle-mounted vibrator has switched on as the garotte has slowly begun to tighten. And, after precisely sixty minutes of delightfully masochistic torture and pain, this deadly garotte will finally grow tight enough around my throat to end my life.”

Pausing again, catching her breath as Ashley climaxed with her first powerful vibrator-induced orgasm of the night, “One last thing, something you may find amusing, I know I do. I activated the garotte’s execution delay at exactly ten fifty this evening. So with the initial five-minute delay, its gruesome sixty-minute execution interval will end at precisely eleven fifty-five. Thus, guaranteeing that after that another two to three minutes of desperately unpleasant strangulation, I’ll die just before midnight, mere moments before what would have been my thirtieth birthday.”

“Sometimes, especially in death, timing is truly everything.”