"Did you think there wouldn't be repercussions when you and your environmentalist's friends decided to protest outside our gates? Did any of you even stop to consider how many local families depend on this mill for their livelihood? Oh, and don't expect to be rescued just in the nick of time. After the way you and your liberal big city friends acted toward the locals to you really think anyone around here really cares about what happens to you and your friends?"

"Karen, you may not know this but this mill has been in my family for generations. Back then this mill was one of the northwest's largest producers of lumber, but these days, thanks to you and your tree hugging environmentalist's friends, we mostly produce wood pulp for your liberal, big city, newspapers."

"Of course, that's not to say that the old ways have been completely lost. And I know, back in my grandfather's day they'd just strap you to any old log and started the saw but in these more "enlightened" environmentally sensitive times, what with all those EPA mandated environmental impact statements required for each and every tree we harvest, we've just had to make some adjustments. These days we've dispensed with the log, now we just lock you into place and switch on the saw and once its blade reaches full speed the saw automatically starts moving forward."

Watching the look of abject terror in Karen's lovely eyes as he toyed with the saw's activation switch, her soon to be executioner added one final comment, "Of course, I'll always miss the intoxicating scent of sawdust mixed with blood but as I recall the sawdust used to stick to everything in sight making the clean up difficult, now all we'll need to do is to hose your blood down the drain."

Despite the fact that they'd stuffed her panties in her mouth and sealed her lips with duck tape, it still looked as if Karen was desperately trying to say something. But I guess I'll never know, by then the saw was already beginning to spin up...