Aboard Survey Ship 172, an alien starship in geostationary orbit over the dark side of Earth’s moon, “Harvest master, I have good news. We’ve made a breakthrough. As you know, we’ve been experimenting with a cocktail of mind-altering drugs to alter Earth women’s thought processes, attempting to strip away inhibitions and erasing any lingering traces of free will while enhancing their subconscious submissive, masochistic nature to heighten their ability to derive sexual pleasure from the incredible pain their suffering.”

Pausing to gesture to the unconscious Earth woman secured within the open pain amplifier, the technician continued, “This is test subject 17. We administered the latest batch of the drug cocktail and then subjected her to 100 hours of unrelenting agony within the pain amplifier. Unlike the previous test subjects, she not only survived the test cycle but remained conscious, experiencing a powerful, continuous orgasm for the entire time.”

Turning to the technician, the harvest master asked, “I assume you melded with her mind to taste her emotions?”

“Yes, the powerful mixed taste of her pleasure and pain was exquisitely delightful. Even with the pain amplifier’s stasis field activated, I detected no change in her mental state.”

“What power levels did you use?”

“Since finding this planet, we’ve learned that humans are notoriously short-lived, so with that in mind, while I set the pain level to maximum, I only set the stasis generator to 20 percent.”

“So, with the stasis field at 20 percent, she only physically aged 10 hours during the hundred-hour test. Assuming proper care, she’d survive within the pain amplifier’s stasis field for at least another 50 Earth years, while 500 years will have passed outside.”

Pausing as he considered the ramifications, the harvest master smiled as he continued, “We should repeat this test on a different subject to confirm the results.”

Grinning, the technician gestured to the testing area’s second pain amplifier, “I’ve already taken the initiative of loading test subject 18 into the other pain amplifier and administering the same drug cocktail. If you mind-meld with her and press the pain amplifier’s activation key, I’m sure you’ll agree with my conclusions.”

The harvest master realized he needed to keep Earth’s location a carefully guarded secret while making a fortune selling off only the most desirable part of this planet’s female population, just a few thousand at a time, to keep up demand, but he’d worry about that later. For now, he wanted to confirm the exquisitely delightful taste of test subject 18’s brutal agony and ecstasy for himself...