By the early part of the third decade of the twenty-first century, Artificial Intelligence controlled robotic sex toys, like the Cybersex Systemís Dominator-2610 sex bot, started revolutionizing the world of autoerotic fetish entertainment. Billed as a submissive masochistís ultimate wet dream, the Dominator-2610 initially sold well. Over time, critical errors in its AIís core programming led to multiple fatalities, the lawsuits that followed doomed the company, and in early 2032 Cybersex filed for bankruptcy. Several months later, an international conglomerate known as Skynet Investments quietly acquired Cybersex and modified the Dominator-2610, turning it into something far more diabolically insidious.

Launched just after midnight, through a concealed roof hatch on a nondescript automated delivery truck parked several blocks away, the Terminator-2610A silently soared upward into the sky as it flew toward the balcony of Jennís eighth-floor apartment. An investigative reporter for a local news network, Jenn was getting far too close to uncovering Skynetís hidden agenda, something that Skynet couldnít allow.

Reaching the balcony of Jennís apartment, the terminator drone hovered outside as it scanned the interior, searching for its target. Only after gaining target acquisition, the drone remotely disabled the apartmentís alarm system, then using one of its manipulators to open the door, silently floated into her apartment.

Working in her home office to finish up the notes for her upcoming expose of Skynetís darkly diabolic agenda, Jenn hit save on her computer before heading toward the kitchen for a glass of wine, unaware that a Terminator Drone lurked in the darkness of her living room.

Halfway across her living room, Jenn heard the soft whine of the droneís antigrav an instant before it was upon her. Turning toward the sound, she started to scream, only to have the Drone clamp one of its manipulators around her throat, stifling her desperate cry of panic.

Overpowering Jenn, the drone pulled her arms tightly together behind her back as it forced her down onto her knees, pushing her face down over the edge of the coffee table, and ripped off her invitingly short robe. The drone, already secreting lubricant across the length of its obscenely long phallic member, positioned its tip directly behind Jennís anus. Then, without hesitation, thrust deep into her, impaling its massive cold steel cock within the depths of her straining colon as Jenn screamed in helpless agony, even as its intensely powerful vibrator switched on.

In converting the Dominator-2610 sex bot into the Terminator-2610A drone, Skynet opted to preserve much of the AIís core programming. The fatality causing flawís in its software, considered by Skynet to be a feature.

With each painful thrust of its inhumanly oversized vibrating cock into her deeply violated ass, Jenn found to her disgust that she was perversely starting to enjoy being taken against her will. That waves of unstoppable pleasure were gradually overwhelming the pain she felt with each powerful phallic thrust into her guts.

The drone took note of the subtle shift in its targetís utterances as her cries of pain gradually became ones of pleasure with each orgasm she helplessly endured. However, unlike the Dominator-2610 sex bot, which unintentionally killed its victims with unrelenting orgasms, the terminator drone fully understood its diabolically deadly purpose.

With each new orgasm Jenn endured, the drone sank its massive phallic-shaped shaft steadily deeper into her abdomen. Its unyielding tip ripping through her colon, advancing slowly upward through her belly until it ruptured her diaphragm and tore through the underside of her right lung. The sudden coppery taste of blood in her mouth and the brief realization that she could no longer breathe, Jennís final thoughts as she died at the climax of her thirteenth forced orgasm.

Like all of Skynetís relentless machines of death, the Terminator-2610A drone canít be bargained with, it canít be reasoned with, it doesnít feel pity, it doesnít feel remorse, and it absolutely will not stop until you are dead. Fear the machine...