Responding to a priority summons to the interrogation center, the ship's intelligence officer realized something was wrong the instant he stepped into the center's control station, it was the quiet, their newest test subject wasn't screaming in terror.

Turning to the worried looking interrogation technician he ordered, "Report."

The technician explained, "I'm sorry to interrupt your rest cycle commander but I knew you would want to see this at once. Late last night by one of our stealth scout ships abducted this female star fleet officer, designated subject 342, for interrogation. Following standard operational orders she was stunned and transported aboard without incident. As usual, the capture team scanned her for any electronic emissions and removed her uniform before transporting her back to the ship. Once here she was immediately placed within the interrogation chamber and secured for interrogation. Everything was proceeding normally until she regained consciousness."

Calling up the subject's biometric readings and comparing them to the expected baseline values, the intelligence officer quickly understood the technician's confusion. Not only was subject 342 not screaming and struggling to escape her restraints but she was exhibiting none of the biometric readings consistent with terror.

Frowning, the ship's intelligence officer rechecked subject 342's biological readouts but the sensors failed to detect any of the chemical markers associated with human recreational drug usage, rather surprisingly, the only irregularities indicated that subject 342 was in a state of heightened sexual arousal.

Turning to the waiting technician, "I understand that you've recently transferred over from internal security." Seeing the look of growing confusion on the technician's face, the ship's intelligence officer continued, "You may find this hard to accept but a significant percentage of human females actually enjoy pain, it only heightens their sexual pleasure."

Briefly pausing to glance at the naked human female secured within the interrogation chamber, the intelligence officer said, "Skip the preliminary questioning and begin the initial torture sequence. Use the breast injectors to administer the usual stimulate dosage but give her a double dose of the pain enhancement drugs before activating the vaginal and anal probes. Set both probes for continuous vibration, one hundred deep thrusts per minute and randomized electroshock to 95 percent of maximum."

Turning to leave the interrogation center's control room the ship's intelligence officer added, "Leave her like that for 24 hours then we'll threaten to end her "torture" unless she talks."