Allison felt an enticing shiver of darkly erotic foreboding as she finally entered the execution chamber. And as promised everything was prepared for her arrival, the raised stone platform, the suggestively open steel restraints, and the waiting activation switch beckoning for her touch. And poised above the platform, the cruel and deadly spikes beckoned to her most of all.

Any lingering thoughts of modesty long forgotten Allison stepped out of her heels and allowed the concealing white silken folds of her short robe to slip from her shoulders and drop to the execution chamber's cold stone floor as she started toward that horrifying platform.

The smooth polished stone of the raised platform felt cool against Allison's bare skin as she at long last lay beneath the razor-sharp spikes. Tonight, at long last, she would finally experience her darkest most erotically submissive fantasy, to die beneath the fiendishly sharp spikes as they slowly descended to painfully mutilate her helplessly bound body. Even the knowledge that, despite the outrageous price she'd paid, her "host" had only agreed to fulfill Allison's deadly request so that he could sell recordings of her slow and agonizing demise to his snuff film audiences, served as one final and incredibly erotic turn on.

In that timeless moment Allison felt more sexually aroused then she'd every imagined possible. Somehow she knew the time had come to finally experience her darkest most erotically deadly fantasy. Looking up, she smiled briefly for the cameras before rolling on to her back. Reaching up she grasped the activation switch and positioned her wrists and ankles within the open restraints.

Lying spread-eagle beneath the spikes Allison had never before felt so willing, so ready to die. And then without hesitation Allison pressed the activation switch. The steel restraints snapped tightly closed around Allison's wrists and ankles trapping her helplessly beneath the razor-sharp spikes. Opening her hand she watched as the activation switch quickly rolled off the edge of the platform and dropped to the execution chamber's floor.

And while a few terrifying minutes later the overhead spikes still hadn't begun their slow deadly decent toward her nude and helplessly restrained body, Allison knew it was just a matter of time before their razor-sharp points started downward. Allison could already hear a faint hydraulic hiss emanating from somewhere in the darkness above. Allison smiled, soon the pain and the screaming would begin.