Iíve always had a masochistic fascination with sharp toys, and for me, nothing haunts my darkest nightmares more than Dolcettís J-3000. For me, itís the ultimate expression of a very sharp toy.

I had to travel halfway around the world to fulfill this, my darkest erotic nightmare. The J-3000, inspired by the artwork of Dolcett, was brought to life by those sadistic bastards who run this blood-soaked place that inspired all those unspeakably brutal Hostel movies. Of course, I had to pay 100,000 Euro to these brutally sadistic people before they agreed to make my darkly fatal nightmare come true.

Once Iím naked and strapped tightly in place, all it takes is a single button push, and the J-3000 will automatically impale and then gut me. The most diabolically obscene part, they guarantee that Iíll survive the entire brutally agonizing process.

Ironically, what they have planned for after my torturously excruciating ordeal, inadvertently fulfills another of my darkest erotic fantasies, cannibalism. This place hosts a monthly dinner banquet for a select group of their clientele, cannibals who dine on freshly roasted female flesh. I can already feel the heat of those glowing red hot coals against the skin of my back, so it appears that Iím the main course on the menu for tonightís festivities. Iím already looking forward to roasting since Iíll still be alive when they put me over the coals. They even mentioned that while it takes about six hours to roast a woman to perfection, most women seem to last for at least an hour over the coals before they finally die.

Lucky me...