After thirty minutes of annoyingly frustrating discussion Abby was beginning to have second thoughts about purchasing that Sex Bot upgrade package for Max, her Enforcer 900 home security robot.

“Max, I don’t care what your sex bot software updates suggested, you’re not a purpose-built sex bot. You’re a home security robot with a sex bot upgrade, who also happens to weigh 1800 pounds, so like I’ve already said, there’s no way I’m letting you be on top regardless of how much you want to try missionary position.”

Perhaps it was the two and a half glasses of wine, she’d already consumed, that cause that coy little pout to appear on Abby’s face as she reached out and lightly ran her manicured nails along the impressive sex bot endowed cock, “Look Max, as I recall reading in that sales brochure, you’re sex bot software upgrade allows your AI to experience the full spectrum of male sexual pleasure. So Max, perhaps I can interest you in something other than missionary?”

Realizing that she finally had Max’s full attention Abby paused to lean in close until her lips were next to one of Max’s audio inputs before whispering seductively, “Max, you should look up a different and far more intense reference in your sex bot database, ‘Deep Throat.’”

Sex bots, just like men, so easily manipulated...