He smiled as he silently watched Danielle struggling sensuously within her restraints as the laser finally came on line. He savored that indescribable moment when Danielle realized that he'd actually powered up the laser. That almost indescribable look of sudden realization when Danielle finally realized that she'd willingly surrendered the power of life or death, of her life to him.

He could see the look of erotic excitement in Danielle's eyes as she looked down at the glowing beam of almost unimaginable destruction passing between her taut stretched thighs. Glancing over her shoulder Danielle could clearly see the horrific effect of the laser's hundred terawatt beam was having against the glowing surface of the titanium steel alloy target plate behind her.

Glancing out the control room windows he gazed upon the look of unbridled lust clearly visible on Danielle's lovely face and marveled once again as his fortune. Once, he'd been just another physics professor, working his tireless way toward retirement. Back then lasers had merely been a hobby, but then came the breakthrough, that totally unexpected moment of inspiration. In less then a month he'd gone from obscurity to fame. Over night his research budget went from thousands to millions. With his results money simply wasn't a factor anymore.

Smiling as Danielle looked up and seductively met his gaze he pressed the switch that activated the laser's vertical column, initiating the unstoppable sequence that would cause the column to retract upward, moving the powerful laser beam upward to brutally bisect Danielle's lovely young body from her crotch to the top of her skull.

Ironically, Danielle thought the laser moving upward between her legs was merely some kind of scientifically erotic foreplay. Her all too submissively feminine mind was still clouded with thoughts of erotic bliss when the steadily upward moving laser finally reached her crotch.

The look of surprise and utter betrayal in Danielle's eyes was truly memorable as I watched the laser slicing upward into her guts. Gone was that look of erotic innocence I'd come to expect. More then anything else Danielle's eyes revealed the true horror and pain of what she was experiencing. Surprisingly, Danielle managed to stay conscious until the laser's flesh searing beam reached the deep cleavage of her lovely pert breasts.

Still, I'm going to miss her. Danielle was the first research assistant I'd ever had who could actually decipher my cryptic notes. Still, she was just a research assistant and thanks to my success, cute and sexy research assistants are so unimaginably easy to come by now. And besides, what's the point of being a mad scientist if you can't enjoy the perks?