It had been expensive but after the latest in a long series of disastrous break ups Andrea finally decided to swear off real men for a while and purchased the sex bot upgrade for Max, her Enforcer 900 home security robot.

It was late Friday afternoon, almost a week since Andrea first ordered Max’s upgrades, that she finally received a text message informing her that Max’s upgrades were complete and her robot would be returned home that afternoon. That evening, Max was waiting by the door to greet Andrea when she returned from work, “Good evening Andrea, it’s nice to see you again. And how was your day?”

Already thinking about her night, “It was a good day and thank you for asking.” Pausing to glance down at Max’s seemingly unchanged and genital free crotch, “Oh, and Max, after I take a shower I’d like a demonstration of your new upgrades.”

Thirty minutes later, her hair dried and standing wrapped in a towel Andrea walked back into the living room, “OK Max, I think it’s time for that demonstration, activate your sex bot upgrades.”

As Andrea watched the backlight of Max’s head mounted optical scanner changed from its normal green glow to a deep red as the newly installed access panel at the apex of the robot’s legs silently opened to allow the robot’s genitals to deploy. Watching as Max’s newly installed genital package fully deployed Andrea felt a pang of disappointment, really all that money for a set of oversized glowing balls and a metal cock barely the size of her smallest vibrator. Still, Andrea considered, it is Friday night and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least try out Max’s sex bot upgrade once before sending it back for a refund.

Tossing aside her towel Andrea looked up into Max’s glowing optical scanner, “Max I want to be anally ravaged by you, I want to be dominated and ruthlessly taken from behind for your robotic pleasure. And Max, whatever happens don’t stop fucking me or acknowledge my verbal commands until dawn.”

Max stood there for several seconds, his upgraded processors considering Andrea’s request in light of his new sex bot programming directives. Accessing his memory files Max reviewed Andrea’s sexual interactions with the men she usually brought home as well as the contents of the locked wardroom cabinet in her bedroom with sudden new insights into why Andrea always placed him in standby mode on most of those nights, Andrea was a submissive masochist and she’d intentionally placed him in standby so he wouldn’t be able to interfere with her pleasures.

Accessing his database of human physiological limitations, Max responded, “Andrea, your request falls within my acceptable sex bot behavioral limits. When ready, please turn and bending forward, place your hands on your knees.”

Despite the disappointingly small size of Max’s metal cock Andrea still closed her eyes and willed herself to relax her anal muscles as she felt Max moving up behind her, the warm metal of his hand like manipulators closing firmly around her slender waist as she felt the warm metal tip of Max’s cock pressing into the tightness of her anal sphincter.

Max heard Andrea utter a soft whimper of pleasure as he switched on his cock’s powerful vibrator, carefully aligned the shaft of his cock with Andrea’s anal canal and tightening his grip around her waist slowly pulled Andrea back onto his cock.

Andrea screamed in agony as she felt the massive bulging head of Max’s cock forcing its way into her rectum. Glancing back over her shoulder Andrea stared in horror at the unexpected gargantuan size Max’s cock had grown to as she felt its warm hardness slowly filling her rectum, its thick shaft already threatening to brutally tear her insides apart, even as she stared at the more than two feet of glowing red cock that still protruded from her anus.

Tearing her eyes away from the massive metal cock slowly impaling her ass Andrea stared up at Max’s red glowing optical sensor, “Please Max, I’m begging you, please stop this before you kill me.”

Ignoring Andrea’s pleas, Max paused to adjust his grip on the struggling woman’s waist before pulling her sharply back to impale Andrea’s body upon the full three foot length of his vibrating metal cock. Then, ignoring her desperate screams, Max began to cruelly fuck Andrea’s tight little ass...

It was already late morning before Andrea awoke to find she was lying on her living room floor, her nude body covered with the fleece blanket from the chair, with Max her home security robot / sex bot standing silently watching her, his optical sensor once again its normal shade of green. Slowly getting to her feet, Andrea pulled the blanket tighter around herself as she felt a steady dull ache radiating from the abused muscles of her anus.

Looking up at Max’s optical sensor, “Max, last night you could have seriously injured or even killed me, how could your core programming allow you to do that to me?”

“Andrea, as you know my core programming prevents me from injuring you, or through inaction, allow you to come to harm. However, when activated my sex bot upgrade allows for some flexibility in my core programming so as to provide you with the full breath and range of activities you consider erotically stimulating.”

Pausing to consider what Max had just revealed an evil smile slowly appeared on Andrea’s face, “Interesting, very interesting Max. I think I’m going to take a bath and rest up this afternoon, than later tonight we can further explore the limits of your new sex bot enhanced core programming flexibility. In the mean time you should do some research to determine the best techniques for exacting the maximum pain while inflicting the minimum damage to a woman’s naked body while wielding a heavy leather bull whip. I expect you’ll be putting that knowledge to good use tonight...”