This lovely thing is Nancy. We discovered Nancy’s profile during a routine search of online fetish modeling sites, where she’d written about her darkest erotic fantasies, many of which culminated with her being butchered, using a chainsaw. Contacting Nancy we inquired about hiring her to play the damsel in distress in our studio’s next torture porn production, a simulated snuff video where she’d be filmed helplessly straddling a massive menacing chainsaw.

I know I was more than a little nervous when I arrived on the set. I couldn’t help glancing over at that ominously sharp-looking chainsaw as the makeup artist worked. When it was time to film the scene, I could feel myself starting to tremble as I tentatively straddled that chainsaw and raised my hands. I’m sure the props master, as he locked the restraints around my wrists and ankles, realized how nervous I was.

With my wrists and ankles secured, the props master was about to stuff that oversized ball gag within my mouth when I glanced down at the chainsaw between my thighs and stated, “This is all going to be so disappointing if it turns out this is really just a ‘simulated’ snuff film.”

Looking me in the eyes as he pressed the ball gag deep into my mouth, he smiled darkly, “You don’t need to worry, there’s absolutely nothing ‘simulated’ in our snuff films. So, in a few minutes when that chainsaw switches on and begins to move upward, I promise all the agonizing pain, all the blood and gore will be brutally authentic as you die for us.”

Ironically, with that oversized ball gag filling my mouth, I wasn’t able to say “thank you” before that obscenely deadly chainsaw spun up between my thighs...