Amy slowly came awake, the sensation of cool air conditioned air against her bare skin rousing her before the effects of the drugs had fully subsided. Blinking against the bright lights it only took a handful of seconds before she realized to her horror where she was and noticed that Marcus her project leader, who she kind of had a thing for, was standing there watching her with amusement.


Watching the cutely provocative way the Amy’s pert breasts swayed as she desperately struggled against the unyielding restraints Marcus smiled darkly, perhaps if he’d accepted her obvious sexual advances she wouldn’t have found herself where she now was. Or, perhaps on second thought, it probably wouldn’t have made that much of a difference in the end.

Patiently waiting until Amy’s futile struggles subsided as the last of the date rape drug’s side effects slowly wore off, “Don’t bother to scream or try to talk your way out of this Amy, that oversized rubber phallic gagged I’ve strapped tightly into your mouth should render any hopeless last minute pleas for mercy utterly mute.”

The sudden look of horrified terror in Amy’s intelligent eyes was utterly captivating as he continued, “You really should have accepted our firm’s offer to buy out your consulting contract this morning. As you can imagine our client relies on our company’s complete discretion. It simply wouldn’t do for the lead software designer on our latest project to walk away from her non-disclosure.”

Marcus could feel Amy’s eyes following him as he walked over to the control pedestal and carefully entered the system parameters, a sudden high pitched squeal of unmitigated terror escaping Amy’s gagged mouth as she helplessly watched him enter the final settings.

Smiling with sadistic amusement Marcus turned and looked directly into Amy’s eyes, “That’s right Amy I set the vertical rack’s torment to last 48 hours. The subtle discomfort you’re already experiencing will slowly grow worse until your shoulders painfully dislocate, after that it will just get progressively more unpleasant as the steadily mounting tension slowly destroys the tendons and cartilage of your joints until toward the end the muscles of your back begin to be slowly torn apart by the unrelenting strain.”

Pausing to briefly glance down at the twin vibrating dildo’s poised to violate Amy’s vagina and rectum Marcus almost laughed, “Of course, depending upon your tolerance for excruciating pain and your enthusiasm for double penetration you might actually get some masochistic enjoyment out of the next 24 hours.”

Smiling darkly Marcus continued, “That is, until those two vibrating dildos start administering random and steadily more painful electric shocks. And you already know that you needn’t worry about passing out and missing all the pleasure and pain, the powerful simulants periodically injected directly into your spinal cord will ensure you remain conscious and alert until the very end, when 48 hours from now those dildos switch off and retract out of your belly as the gutting saw spins up between your legs before moving quickly upward to brutally bisect your torso from your crotch to the base of your throat.”

Ignoring the tears trickling down Amy’s cheeks Marcus turned back to the control pedestal, pausing to confirm the surveillance cameras and microphones were recording, and then pressing the system’s activation key before leaving Amy to endure her diabolically torturous fate.

As the chamber doors closed to cut off the sound of Amy’s desperate muffled cries Marcus was already thinking about all the ways he was going to spend his bonus money, although he couldn’t imagine why the customer, someplace known as “The Resort” would actually need twenty of these systems, all finished in corrosion resistant parkerized gray instead of prototype yellow, the first ten systems equipped with the chainsaw option, the last ten with the massive three foot long drill bit option...