As the relentless terminator droid made its final approach between the screaming women's thighs the harvester ship's commander briefly turned to the slave master and asked, "Are you sure these Earth women have the necessary stamina to survive the full length of their pleasure slave warranty? Need I remind you the warranty costs we suffered when those worthless Andorran pleasure slaves expired after only a few cycles?"

Turning to his ship commander the slave master replied, "Exalted ship commander, unlike those disappointing Andorran pleasure slaves, I've confirmed that Earth women not only have the natural mental aptitude to excel as pleasure slaves but the stamina to survive through an almost unlimited number of regeneration cycles."

Pausing to gesture toward the chamber's test subject the slave master continued, "This is one of our earliest human test subjects, a 24 year old woman named Tess. Over the last few month's she's survived just over 8000 regeneration cycles with no signs of mental degradation. In fact you can't help by notice the look of knowing horror that haunts her pretty eyes as she awaits the brutal attentions of the torture droid poised between her thighs."

The three Grey's watched with savage satisfaction as the torture droid's brutally oversized probes slowly impaled the desperately screaming Earth woman's vaginal and anal orifices even as its razor sharp pinchers deployed toward the woman's enticingly vulnerable breasts. They knew that for Tess, the next few hours would be ones of unrelenting torment, hours of unbearable torture culminating in an obscenely slow and agonizing death. And that once the torture droid's sensors confirmed her death it would activate the chamber's regeneration field, a field that would quickly repair the gruesome damage inflicted on Tess's body and restore her feminine beauty and life.

For Tess, the only remaining evidence of her long hours of unspeakable torments would be her terrifying memories. That and the utter horror of awakening once again to see that torture droid already poised between her thighs.

Back on the bridge of his ship the commander of the pleasure slave harvester smiled at the premium these Earth women would bring on the interstellar slave market as he ordered his ship's harvester droids to abduct one hundred thousand earth women. The market's standard pleasure slave warranty was for 1000 regeneration cycles but all 100 of his human test subjects had already surpassed 8000 cycles without signs of mental degradation. He would keep the location of Earth a carefully guarded secret and make a fortune selling off the most desirable part of this planet's female population.

As for Tess and the other 99 female test subjects, he'd already ordered his ship's slave master to continue their testing cycles until the unending torment fried their minds. It would be interesting to see just how much they could take...