The last thing I remember was approaching my car in the parking garage near the nightclub where I work, that and the smell of chloroform on that rag my abductor held over my face until I passed out. Next thing I know, I awoke here, naked, hanging spread-eagle from my wrists and ankles with a large rubber ball gag filling my mouth and a hood covering my head.

“Good evening, Alexa. I see that you’ve finally recovered from the chloroform’s effects. I’ll remove your blindfold in a moment, but first, I’d like to enlighten you concerning your perilously macabre fate. Tonight, you will endure an agonizingly torturous death, simply for my audience’s amusement.”

Pausing to remove the hood from my head, my captor smiled as my eyes struggled to adapt to the bright video lights. Then I noticed the row of razor-sharp spikes directly beneath my waist. I stared at them for a long moment before lifting my head to look at him in horrified disbelief.

“In a moment, Alexa, I’ll pull this handle down, deactivating the electromagnetic locks that are the only things keeping you from sliding down toward those spikes. If you pull hard enough with your arms and legs, you can slow and even temporarily stop your descent toward those spikes, but in the end, gravity always wins, and you will die for my audience’s amusement, brutally impaled upon those spikes.”

Placing his hand upon the deactivation lever, her captor noticed Alexa pulling against the restraints with her arms and legs. From the perspective of his sadistic audience, nothing was better than a beautiful woman helplessly struggling against the inevitable. Then he pulled the deactivation lever, switching off the post’s electromagnetic locks.

The moment the electromagnetic locks released, I slipped downward about an inch before pulling desperately harder with my arms to slow my descent. I knew it was only a temporary reprieve. As much as I struggled, I could feel the restraints slipping steadily downward, slowly lowering me toward that row of terrifyingly sharp-looking spikes.

Watching as Alexa slowly slipped steadily downward toward the waiting spikes, her captor smiled darkly with amusement at the look of horror in her eyes as the smooth skin of her waist brushed against the razor-sharp tips of those spikes. Her delightfully entertaining struggle against the inevitable had lasted almost twenty minutes. A moment later, a sharp cry of desperation escaped Alexa’s tightly gagged mouth as the tips of those sharp spikes painfully sank into her flesh.

With every passing second, I could feel those spikes sinking agonizingly deeper into my guts as I helplessly watched my blood running down their deadly steel shafts and dripping to the mesh-covered drain below. Within seconds, exhausted and defeated, I sank fully onto those spikes, the sudden warm wetness on my back and running down my sides proof that those spikes were obscenely protruding from the small of my back.

In the end, it took almost thirty minutes after being impaled upon those spikes before Alexa finished bleeding to death. After that, the only sound breaking the abattoir’s silence was the steady trickle of Alexa’s blood dripping into the mesh-covered drain...