Thank you and welcome to our site's first annual "Perilous Thoughts Fundraising Telethon". As you know, Perilous Thoughts is a free site dedicated to giving you our visitors the very best in erotic peril and torturous death. But alas, free doesn't pay the bills and fiendishly brutal instruments of torture aren't cheap, not to mention the steadily rising cost of victim recruitment. So, after much discussion among our management team we've decided to hold our first "perilous" fundraiser.

I'd like to introduce our first lovely victim of the evening, the beautiful and terrified Norra. Norra comes to us from the sunny beaches of Cancun. A junior majoring in pre-med at Michigan State, Norra was enjoying her spring break soaking up the sun and margaritas when we found her. But it seems that while leaving one of Cancun's hottest nightclubs, Norra foolishly decided to take a late night stroll on the beach, alone. Or, at least she thought she was alone.

Norra stands poised to experience one of our newest implements of perilous death, one premiering for the first time tonight, the fiendishly diabolical impalement gallows. Tonight, you out there in our internet audience, have the opportunity to directly influence the quickness of lovely Norra's demise. As you can see, Norra stands with her high heel clad feet resting upon two widely spaced hydraulic columns. Tonight, your tax deductible contributions will make all the difference to Norra. Because tonight, for every one hundred thousand dollars in contributions, the hydraulic columns beneath Norra's high heels will sink one additional inch. Every one hundred thousand contributed bringing the beautiful Norra that much closer to her unspeakably agonizing demise.

Then, once we've raised one million dollars in tax deductible contributions, the real "entertainment" of the evening will begin for Norra. The thick steel shaft of the impalement post having filled the young ladies vagina, the hydraulic columns beneath Norra's high heels will suddenly sink away, leaving Norra suspended upon the shaft's unyielding steel point. Unsupported, the weight of her sexy and desirable young body will inevitably push the impalement shaft deeper into Norra's belly. The shaft's sharpened tip will quickly and painfully rupture Norra's cervix allowing the deadly shaft to slide upward into Norra's corset compressed guts.

And although brutal impalement is a cherished and time honored form of agonizingly torturous demise here at Perilous Thoughts, tonight we've added a special treat just for the gallows lovers in our audience. Mere moments before Norra's high heel clad toes finally reach the ground the cruel hangman's noose around her slender throat will draw taunt. And thanks to the careful attention of our dedicated and highly skilled torture specialists that noose's rope is just long enough to allow the sharpened tip of the impalement shaft to stab upward into the underside of Norra's diaphragm.

Hideously impaled and slowly being strangled to death, Norra will face a horrifying decision, accept death or struggle hopelessly against the inevitable. Hang until she's dead, or try to grip the smooth polished steel impalement shaft between the insteps of her high heels and raise her body high enough to take the pressure off her throat and gain a few more desperate breaths. You, our audience, should know that during the development of this fiendish instrument of death none of our test subjects meekly accepted their deaths, they all struggled against the inevitable until the bitter end. In fact, seven of our ten test subjects managed to last for more than an hour with one determined young lady managing to survive for an incredible nine hours before she finally became too exhausted to continue the fight.

Now you may be asking yourselves, how long will lovely Norra last? We here at Perilous Thoughts are expecting great things from the beautiful Norra. She's young, vigorous and full of life. If I had to guess I'd say she's going to go the distance, three hours minimum. In fact, in the upper right corner of your display is a link to a little betting pool we've started for Norra, you'll see I've already claimed the three to three fifteen block.

Well enough talk for now it's time for our show. Your thoughtful and fully tax deductible contributions are already flowing in and I see that we're about to reach that first one hundred thousand dollar milestone, time for Norra's entertainment to commence.