Sandra paused to recalibrate her tricorder settings for the tenth time, she’d been sure she’d detected faint energy readings emanating from somewhere within this storage bay but now she was having trouble localizing the energy source.

As she waited patiently until the tricorder completed its recalibration Sandra stared in awe at the ranks of ancient war machines. Built by a long extinct race, these heavily armed and armored combat droids almost managed to exterminate all life in the alpha quadrant in a war that ended countless millennia before humanity discovered fire.

Even now, after nearly a hundred years of archeological activity scattered across seventy star systems we know so little about that ancient conflict. All that remains is the wreckage of battle, drifting debris fields that were once fleets of warships, dead planets still showing the weathered scars of the massive orbital bombardments that sterilized them. Still, we learn more with each passing year as each silent world adds tantalizing pieces to this ancient puzzle.

Sandra frowned as she realized that she still couldn’t get a lock on the energy source’s location, it almost seemed like something was actively interfering with the resolution of her tricorder’s low band energy sensor array. She was considering reporting the tricorder problem to the away team leader when she head a faint sound in the darkness behind her. Peering to the darkness Sandra missed the sudden change in her tricorder’s readings but by then it really didn’t matter, as one of the ancient combat droids standing silently behind her already had a sensor lock on her unknown life form and completed the power up sequence for its multiphasic disruptor cannon...

Captain’s log, “We left orbit in route to star base 46 this date 0730 hours, expected transit time at warp 4, twenty six days. It is my sad duty to note in the ship’s log that Ensign Science Officer Sandra Jenson disappeared during an archeological away mission to the forth planet of this system. On my authority as Captain, we delayed our departure from this system for eight days but orbital sensor sweeps and ground search parties found no trace of the Ensign.”